Bhive Goes to Startup Chile!

Escrito el 16 enero 2017 por entrepreneurship en emprender

Bhive Goes to Startup Chile!

2016 has been a different year to say the least.
We finally realized corruption is eating society inside out (and not only in developing countries…) and learned internet can send information (good and bad, real and fake) virtually anywhere in the globe. We have had many awful terrorist attacks, and worrying signals from global leaders, such as Brexit and Trump’s election while we are still trying to figure out what is happening in Syria… And let’s not talk about arts, culture or music, too many geniuses decided to leave us.
But I digress.
2016 was also a good year for many of us in many different ways, and it is important to acknowledge that as well.
For bhive and our team, it was a year of learning and expansion. We have settled down in Colombia straight out of Venture Lab, adjusted our model to Latin America’s reality and expanded to Brazil and Argentina, as part of our regional strategy (but also by request of clients).
2016 was a year of working magic with our small budget, saying no to clients for the first time, and figuring out what customer service really means. And oh, user experience would deserve a separate chapter in the future. But it was also a year we found our newest partner, attracted important clients, attention from the media and started getting random calls from investors. Finally, the year ended up with a good surprise: we got into Startup Chile, arguably the most renowned government program to foster entrepreneurship in Latin America. The grant and “seal” of the program will empower us to start operations in Chile, and later on Peru, expanding our network in Latin America and offering more and better talent to companies that operate in the region.
2017 looks very promising and will certainly be full of challenges, but the opportunities are there for those who are prepared. And IE and its entrepreneurial spirit have certainly prepared us for a lot!
Personally, I continue to be available for every entrepreneur in Venture Lab, should they need advice or just comforting words that, yes, it is worth it.
We hope it is a year of great achievements for all IMBA Alumni, especially those who have chosen to follow this path. #IEBusinessSchool #Entrepreneur #VentureLab
Leonardo Marchant (IMBA Apr14)
CEO of www.bhiveconsulting.co 


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