Building your MVP with IRONHACK

Escrito el 3 febrero 2016 por entrepreneurship en emprender

Have you ever wanted to hire a developer but you didn’t know where and how? Have you even asked your cousin’s girlfriend if she knew anyone that knew how to code? And if so, would that person do it for free? In the end… you are going to give him lots of equity…Right? The truth is that hiring a developer is not an easy task, and developers definitely do not work for free, not even for 95% of equity of your company (although you never know..!).


No matter what you are trying to do, if it’s building the next sharing economy platform or the next social network that will be a Facebook-killer; you will need a developer. The question resides on whether a non-tech founder is able to correctly assess a good developer for its startup. Many startups fail for the reason that developers hired at an early stage, claim to be excessively qualified in terms of programming skills. Non-tech founders are not able to ascertain the developers’ skills until the product has been built. And not even then, as how is non-tech founder going to be able to appreciate the viability of the code written if he/she has no tech experience? Furthermore, what does he have to expect from the developer if that person does not even know what his product needs? More startups than expected find themselves failing due to a lack of quality programming capacity. For all these reasons, IE Business School together with Ironhack decided to end some of these entrepreneurs’ problems with developers by organizing an amazing session on computer languages.


Ironhack is a coding bootcamp that offers intensive and part-time courses on iOS and Web development. Their intensive courses teach students how to code in just a few weeks. Ironhack, with offices in already three locations: Madrid, Barcelona and Miami, came to IE Business School last Tuesday, Feb 2nd. The workshop focused on “How to build your MVPs (Minimum Viable Product)”. The first part of the workshop focused on providing non-tech entrepreneurs with the necessary tools that are required for hiring a developer and how to avoid the above mentioned problems. Attendees were furnished with an introduction on the main existent computer languages such as CSS and HTML5, and they were able to put into practice the basic skills learnt. Why hire a developer when you can learn the skills yourself?

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Coding is the new black, and by 2020, coding language will be the must-have language of English of today. So why not be ahead of your time and start now that you can?


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