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What is ezzingSolar?

ezzingSolar is a revolutionary cloud platform for solar PV (Photovoltaic) companies, which enables them to manage their commercial activity efficiently.
With ezzingSolar, solar Installers can generate a PV quote within 5 minutes drawing a layout on Google Maps. It is an online tool that also includes a free CRM system, an After Sales and Purchase module and many other features that help installers sell PV installations faster.

Who we are?

ezzingSolar team is being led by Alberto Cortes and Victor Sancho, its founders, who has accumulated extensive experience in solar industry for more than 10 years.
ezzingSolar is a young, creative and multidisciplinary team with an international perspective and the scope to facilitate the growth of the solar industry in every possible manner.

How did we get an idea to develop ezzingSolar?

ezzingSolar was created as a result of more than 10 years of experience in the photovoltaic sector. During all those years Alberto and Victor were analyzing the impact of solar industry in more than 10 different countries; were visiting and collaborating with more than 1000 different PV companies. They were working side-by-side with some of the best PV manufacturers across the globe and participating at the construction of systems from 3 kW residential installations to 14 MW PV parks. This experience helped to notice that the technology used to perform sales in the PV Sector has not been updated.
The technology used to perform sales in the PV Sector has not been updated. Nowadays, we can still find many companies using basic off-line tools to manage their PV operations. These tools allow companies to continue their business in the short term, but in the long term they are inefficient and harmful due to a lack of measurement capability, traceability and cost-analysis control.

What we do and where we are now?

Nowadays, where Internet access is prevalent and working “in the cloud” is the trend (where the biggest enterprises are already working with advanced online platform systems to manage their daily business routine) management technology plays a key role in achieving success. Our proficiency was gained after seeing many companies fail and succeed due to their working patterns. ezzingSolar is an online software solution as well as a successful business model for PV companies.
ezzingSolar is not just offering an online platform, but also delivering a successful approach to managing the daily business in a PV company.
The ezzingSolar team has developed its commercial activity in international markets. Our online software is already being used by companies in countries such as United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, USA, Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

ezzingSolar works on the cloud. What are the benefits of that?

First of all, to reduce fix costs in the organization. To have servers in the company is a situation from the past. Nowadays from small to large companies, all of them are using externalized servers to run their software and gather all the information from their companies. You can just pay to have the latest technology without expending the fix cost that this technology costs.
Secondly, pay according to ones needs. The cloud allows you to pay for the requirements that you need today not for the requirements that you expect to have in the future.
Moreover, there is no need to have IT people if you do not need them. Focus your company on your core business! If you are an expert in selling and installing renewables, do not invest in being also an IT expert, it is not worth it. There are companies out there which their core businesses are IT, they are going to be more updated and prepare for that than you. Furthermore, there is an availability of your data anywhere. This is one of the most important points about using cloud.

And the last but not least would be security matters. Companies that sell cloud services invest incredible amount of money every year to guarantee the security and availability of their services and your data, they are continuously improving their processes and hardware to accomplish this task, adding hardware redundancy, security processes, firewalls, etc. ezzingSolar works over a RAID1 structure, that means that all data is saved simultaneously in two hard discs so in case there is a failure in one of them the second one starts operating. It is impossible that both discs fail at the same time. Furthermore there are weekly backups so that all the information is saved. Always updated with the last software release.

What are our goals?

Alberto Cortes, the CEO of ezzingSolar commented: “The entry of an investor is a new step forward in the company’s desire to operate on an even more global scale. The goal is to continue offering our solutions to improve the effectiveness of sales team and optimize the business functions of PV companies.”
In this sense, ezzingSolar platform has been created to answer this technological demand within the PV Sector—to fill this niche and offer PV companies a new solution to streamline their business.

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Why ezzing platform is interesting and advantageous?

ezzingSolar will enable your commercial forceto ease their daily routine and multiply their effectiveness effortlessly.
Centralize the information of all your clients in one place
– Access to the information wherever you are
– Design PV in just a few clicks
– Prepare profitability analysis in a moment
– Manage you activities and meetings with your clients
Analyze the evolution of the company with real statistics

EzzingSolar – a company created to answer technological demands in the Photovoltaic sector.


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