Escrito el 6 noviembre 2015 por entrepreneurship en emprender





On Oct 7th 2015, we invited an award-winning coach Reginald Lenney to IE Business School.

Reginald is especially well known in the US as his clients are royal families, corporate executives,
and Hollywood celebrities such as Britney Spears, Halle Berry, and Hugh Jackman.

Even though the event took place during the middle of week, more than 120 people joined the event.

In the event, he shared his experience: how he started everything from scratch to reach that level of clients.

He strongly emphasised the importance of doing things that you truly love to do regardless who you are.

One of his most memorable quotes is «Hell Yes or Hell No». Very simple principal for the decision making.

If you cannot answer like «Of course! I want to do it», think twice whether it is truly important matter to your life.

As the audience got inspired by him they became truly interactive that more than an hour was spent for an interactive conversation.

Some people even asked their personal issues and Reginald sincerely gave advice to them.

Thank you Reginald Lenney, all the participants, and the people who supported this event in IE Business School.


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