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Escrito el 28 abril 2015 por entrepreneurship en emprender

Marta Romero, cofounder of Worktoday

Would you like to work today? Worktoday is a mobile phone application created by a Spanish start-up, which connects up business with services professionals, job matching in less than five minutes by mobile phone.

Let’s imagine that a waitress calls up the restaurant where he works and says he in unable to attend today, or that a hotel needs extra help in the cleaning team due to an avalanche of unexpected reservations, or that the one employee of a store gets sick and has to be substituted… These and many other similar situations happen every single day: unfilled positions, missed opportunities to offer services while millions of professionals near to those companies’ are available and eager to work.

Worktoday is a free mobile app available in Google Play and in App Store, designed for companies that need to solve lack of staff problems and other unforeseen events, and for professionals (unemployed, part-time or students) who would like to decided when, where and with who they want to work, and earn some extra money.

‘With more than 5000 users and more than 150 companies already using this app, Worktoday offers the possibility to fill in a vacancy within few moments after the job notice is being published.

Worktoday Fundadores V1

Founders of Worktoday

How does it work?

It is very easy. First, Worktoday discloses what it has been called the ‘Extrajob’ (hourly-paid job offer). Second, in only five clicks the vacancy notice is launched to hundreds of users. The app sends the information only to those ones who meet the criteria and are nearly located for an immediate hiring. From all the list of candidates who had accepted the job offer, the employer can see how long it takes them to reach the site, their professional experience and past employer’s evaluations.

It is important to underline that Worktoday is an application that is being evaluated by both parts. As Alvaro Curiel, CEO and Cofounder says, ‘We would like to reward the professional excellency of both, candidates and employers.

Services business sector is the first driving force for economy in Spain. Worktoday is a tool used by business to increase their efficiency and be able to troubleshoot problems rapidly. Worker absenteeism entails an opportunity cost estimated in 55.000 millions a year, only in Spain. For all this, Worktoday team has the goal to enable those companies to not loose any more money and to count on hundreds of professionals close to them available to work immediately.

At the same time, professionals whose working hours have been reduced, unemployed and students can rise their income by using Worktoday. As Marta Romero CMO & Cofounder points out, ‘It is an honour for all the team at Worktoday to work to allow good professionals to increase their income when needed.


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