cartoonpitchsimplicityAs usual, the Harvard Business Review keeps talking about interesting matters concerning entrepreneurship and business as a whole. The magazine has introduced several doubts and concerns towards the idea of the elevator pitch, being able to create an interesting debate concerning the case.

Elevator Pitches are well known in the entrepreneurial industry, business classes and articles often include the benefits and problems it creates but recently its activity and efficiency have been doubted from distinct positions.

Would you be able to summarize who you are, what, why and how you represent it in a conversation of two minutes? Would you be able to do so concerning someone who does not share the level of information and care towards your company? A whole century in addition to the industries of advertising, marketing and communications has been able to demonstrate how difficult it is.

Do words cover an essence better than an image? Which would last the most? Deborah Mill-Scofield and Liza Donnelly introduced five reasons why cartoons should be tested and considered in order to link with a targeted audience and transmit your idea in a more efficient way.

In a world, which is constantly bombed by information, entertainment and noise, the power of images is daily showed and the influence of audiovisual messages has taught us how determinant they are. Could images be more direct and easier to remember than words? Several studies have demonstrated how images are 60,000 times faster to remember than words and here we have 5 more reasons to consider it:

  1. A main shared goal by companElevator Pitchies consists in the clear and direct transmission of what they are and more important, what they represent and how they are seen. The essence of a company is the message different channels want to spread towards a selected audience. Hours of work and preparation in order to create a value proposition which cannot be explained properly to an audience? Try to communicate it with an image! Cartoons hide ideas as much as objects do. Use the power of images to connect with your audience in a more direct way, let them create the words once the emotion is installed.
  2. Lines, colors and dimensions influence the viewer. Use drama and comedy to be able to connect with your audience in the purest possible way. The subconscious of your client is a coveted prize and images can connect with it faster than anything.
  3. Images make easier for companies to test value proposition; emotions and reactions do not lie. By testing, listening and learning to what the potential clients say, the ´´A/B test´´ will be more efficient.
  4. As introduced before the influence of images is wider than the one of words. Due the capability of transmission they involve, it will be 60,000 faster for an image to stay in your memory. Colors determine the patterns, which organize our way of thinking, being able to get to that process must be one of the keys!
  5. Images concern language and symbols and have been used in several historical turning points, as the Harvard Business Magazine points out; a clear example will be propaganda and how images have been used for different purposes. The filter, the context of the cartoon and its impact in the audience will determine if it is influential or not.

Cartoons pitch should not come to destroy other systems or processes to expand a product or an image, they can perfectly work in order to establish the first link with a targeted audience. Cartoons pitch can become the first step of a potential relationship with customers, now it is the time to think how you are going to build that bridge and how you are going to build your corporative image.




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