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Escrito el 5 marzo 2015 por entrepreneurship en emprender

Yesterday, March 4th, World Bank and IE Business School launched the WE’ Resilient Cities Competition, a start-up competition to transform ideas related to risk management into ventures. The event took place at Area 31, IE Business School. Enclosed you can find the details of the competition and the calendar:


  Do you want to start or expand your own venture? Do you want your project to help in making your city safer, more resilient and more competitive?

The World Bank Group in partnership with IE Business School is launching a start-­up competition to transform your ideas into opportunities www.weresilient.org

WB_WE'Resilient CitiesCompetition Rules

Please read the following requirements before you complete the application to the WE’Resilient Cities Competition!

1. Location. The business proposed in the WEP application must run or

be-­willing to run their activities in the following cities: Beirut, Cairo, and Djibouti.

2. Pre-­Start Ups and Start Ups Only. Organizations for-­‐profit or non-­‐profit must

be in pre-start or start-­‐up stage and should be ventures with a need for seed or start-up capital. An established organization with a growth project looking to expand its activities is eligible to apply.

3. Individuals or Teams. Applicants can participate as an individual or as part of a team

of up to six. Each team can include female and male members provided that the team appoints a female team leader. The team leader is the main contact and one other member should be designated as the secondary contact. Ideally, the team leader or the main contact should be conversant in English. The team leader will represent the team in the Grand Finale event (please refer to timetable below). The secondary contact will attend on an exceptional basis.

4. Age. All applicants must be 18 years of age or older must have a strong interest in

starting their own organization or expanding their early stage venture – both nonprofit and for profit.

5. Residence. At least one member of the team or the individual applicant must be a

legal resident or citizen of Egypt, Djibouti or Lebanon. Documentation will be required.

6. Ventures Committed to Urban Risk Management. Applicants will present actionable, sustainable and scalable business solutions to clearly identified city risks. The risks involve disaster events, and or other city level risk that can cause social and economic shock in the target countries. Applicants could provide business solutions to issues such as food security, refugee, pandemic, resilient infrastructure, price volatility, natural hazards, flooding, water security, climate risk, energy security, digital risk management, and health. Examples of successful business ideas include but are not limited to: solutions that integrate big data, analytics, resilience land use planning, infrastructure design; technology that provides timely risk information to stakeholders in case of emergencies; development of low-cost solar-powered fans and lanterns to address power cuts; development of emergency response services.

7. Information sessions. The information sessions will cover competition

requirements, the application process, and the selection process.

8. Application. The application deadline is Friday, April 10 by 11:59 pm EST.

The application is submitted online under the team leader’s name and must include all team members.

9. Prizes for Semi-Finalists. Semi-finalists will be invited participate in a workshop offered by IE Business School. They will also receive Online mentoring by IE

Business School experts and mentors. The WE’Resilient Cities Competition will also offer networking opportunities with industry leaders in the risk management sector.

10. Prizes for Winners. In addition to the above, winners of the competition will receive financial awards ranging between $30,000 – $100,000.


Competition Calendar

  • Information Sessions: Feb. 15 – Mar. 4
  • Submission of Applications: Mar. 10 – Apr. 10
  • Selection of Semi-­‐Finalists (4 Semi-­‐Finalists per city): Apr. 30
  • Face-­‐to-­‐face workshops (City TBA): May 13– 14
  • Online Mentoring: May 15 – July 1
  • Submission of Final Deliverables: July 24
  • Selection of Finalists (2 Finalists per city): Aug. 10
  • Grand Finale in Marseille (1 Winner per city): Sept. 10 – 11





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