Pentagrom, the new way to play music

Escrito el 12 febrero 2015 por entrepreneurship en emprender

“Raise your hand if you have no idea about written music whatsoever. That’s great. Now, can I ask for one of you as a volunteer to come on stage for a second? I’m going to make you read a simple score. Yes, you heard right: even if you have never played any music, you are about to play every single note on this score I’ve put up on this slide. Here’s an iPad with our app, and here’s how to use it…”.

This is how we begin every pitch. In the next 20 seconds, the volunteer indeed plays every note on the score, and recognizes the song they’ve just played: the first four compasses of Ode to Joy. These first 30 seconds of pitch are all you need to witness to understand Pentagrom is quite something. However, just in case it may not have been clear, we add the sentence “Our volunteer has just read a score at first sight, without any previous knowledge: this is impossible to do with any other instrument or software out there”. In other words, we give people the possibility to do something they thought they would never be able to do. In under 20 seconds. The potential of Pentagrom is immense. pentagrom1   Pentagrom was born in the mind of Jaime Iglesias, one of it’s founders. He was studying Jazz Composition in Berklee School of Music (Boston, US), and he was struggling with written music. He loved music above all, and although he practiced for hours every day, the improvement pace was slow. Too slow. He became obsessed with coming up with some way of thinking about music that would make it easier for him to imagine it, to think about it. He researched for years, and finally got the answer: Pentagrom. Pentagrom is basically an instrument in the shape of written music. Therefore, to read a score all you need to do is follow the notes. Think about it this way: why was Guitar Hero so successful? Because it made you feel as a musician, without having to go through the long and hard process of actually learning to play. Pentagrom offers the same feeling of being a musician, only with the added value that the more you use it, the more real music you are learning. Almost too good to be true, right? Please visit our webpage if you want to know more about pentagrom


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