Meet the startups in Area 31: Cuaqea, Voice vs. Text

Escrito el 5 febrero 2015 por entrepreneurship en emprender

Author: Antonio Querol, CEO of Cuaqea

We have lived with the boom of social networks for some years now. It surely can already be considered as a Subject field for several courses at Universities. If we do a fast analysis (very fast) of the history of the these, we can speak of: Communication by means of letters (years ago ….. many years ago). E-mails …. e-mail The “sms” …. the famous sms Messenger Social Networks Surely we can add more, surely we can discuss the excellences (or disadvantages) of each of them, but I believe that we all know that that is not really important (or at least I believe so). What really matters is that they are (or they have been) necessary. What matters is that they allow us to interact through mobiles devices and tablets…. What matters is that, nowadays, we have integrated their usage in our daily routine… We need social networks. And we speak about letters (written); about (written) e-mails; about SMS and Messenger. Writing, writing and … more writing.

The economists would speak about “monopoly” of writing in social networks. But don´t forget. There is someone who writes …. and someone who has to read what the other has written. Therefore, probably the economists would have to speak about the “monopoly” of writing and reading in social networks. Yes, I believe that this is better. But isn’t it true that the first form of communication between people was …..voice? Why have we forgotten this fact at the moment of developing social networks? I use my voice to socialize and communicate in the street, also at home and with my friends and job colleagues; and I want to use my voice as well to communicate in social networks. We must change. We must interact in social networks with our voice. We must speak (as always). It is better this way.

Voice,in fact, is one of the strongest identity features and and so many things can be learned from a new voice. Speaking and listening is more intimist, more friendly and also easier and faster. It’s what we are used to, and what we are. This change may suppose an effort (any change supposes it), we are afraid of it, it can give us shame … but at the end, speaking is the most natural thing to do ! CuaQea is trying to change the way of communicating in social networks. It is trying to go back to the origins and break with the current rule of reading and to writing; writing and reading. If we must write what we ‘want to say’.. then why not say it directly?


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