AREA 31- Demo Day June 10th

Escrito el 17 junio 2014 por entrepreneurship en emprender

Authors: Ricardo de Tomás y Álvaro Alonso Anabitarte.

While students are finishing their respective courses and the hot of summer seems to be completely upon us, work in Area 31 does not stop. The incubator of ideas keeps growing and creating a bigger entrepreneurial platform; business plans are improving in order to gain depth in the market, where differentiation is considered to be one of the key aims of entrepreneurs.

LastIMG_0099-1 Tuesday; June 10th, teams from the incubator had the chance to get to know know some of the new projects from the Area 31 Incubator, Qinti and TripMenu at the latest edition of Area 31 Demo Day. As Ricardo Espinoza, CEO of Qinti told to us, «the opportunity to be in Area 31 is just a turning point in our career. We have been establishing the project since January and it has been thrown to the market two months ago; but really the change has come once we have been here. These two weeks for the company have been unique in their path to get here, the access to the facilities in addition to the new partners and the feedback that we can get from them have been core of that new improvement.» Qinti is a business established in order to help foreigners when they want to access Internet outside home; providing useful apps and mobile Internet connection without roaming expenses, an idea which will definitely change the market.IMG_0102

Jordi Díaz, CEO and Co-founder of TripMenu; amazed everyone in the room with a high-technology presentation, easy and direct to the crowd. Which concluded the evening with the crowd giving their opinion of what was seen. His words also help to us to understand the importance of being in this special and exclusive atmosphere, «the chance of getting close with teachers, investors and entrepreneurs at the same time is just perfect, we get to show our product in a direct way and the feedback is received in the same way. We get to appreciate different points of view and that is worth its weight in gold.» This former Master student of IE knew once he left the Business School that his place was Area 31 and now he is very happy to have the chance his product is in the incubator; «I honestly believe in the value and importance of the networking and I am sure I am in the best place to develop and improve my product.»

Jordi´s company has created a plaIMG_0106tform that allows travellers to choose a place to eat as if they were at home, from deciding where and when you want to eat in a country, to connecting consumers with restaurants, which have been selected out of an intensive and strong competition. No need to risk or travel without knowing where you are going to enjoy lunch or dinner when using TripMenu. Danger is forgotten and surprises are not allowed.


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