Interview Jeffrey Char – Venture Day 7th May

Escrito el 5 mayo 2014 por entrepreneurship en emprender

Jeffrey Char

Interview by Nir Hindi

Jeffrey Char is a serial entrepreneur and he will attend the coming Venture Day. You have an opportunity to hear him… here is what Jeffrey has to say about entrepreneurship:

 Describe your biggest challenges or mistakes as entrepreneur?

Staying focused on the customer.  It is very simple, but difficult. I’m often too early and need to constantly remind myself to remain focused on solving the problem we set out to fix for our customers. Once the company starts up it is easy to get distracted with all the daily work issues and forget about the reason we started the company in the first place. As you scale up the team and the business it becomes increasingly difficult to remain focused on the customer.

Describe your greatest achievement as an entrepreneur? 

 To get up and keep going after repeated failures and being told no all the time.

 What tips can you give to IE’s entrepreneurs?

Don’t start with a business idea. Find a meaningful problem to solve that you are passionate about solving. Figure out an innovative way to effectively solve the problem. Find like-minded people to join you in this adventure.  Start solving it today. Keep at it and don’t give up easily.

 Jeffrey Char is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on social and tech ventures. He’s CEO of J-Seed, Tokyo based venture incubator and he’s also chief mentor at Venture Generation. Originally from Hawaii, Jeff has been a long-term resident of Japan. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Jeff worked as an attorney and investment banker.


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