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NYC VENTURE LAB TRIP – Friday 7th March 2014

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Many thanks to Montaña Rodriguez, IMBA 2014, Monelias, for her review of the trip!

NYU ENTREPRENEURSHIP CENTRE Innovative entrepreneurship “In a business world of non-stop change, there’s only one way to win the game: Transform it entirely”

10 am. We arrived at NYU, university near Brookling.

Cynthia gives us a quick view about numbers and startups in the school and then the director of the centre, Luke Williams gives us in 10 minutes a precise and inimitable speech about what means entrepreneurship at NYU.

He believes that in developed economies you need to growth the innovative entrepreneurship and that is what they are doing at NYU. Ideas are unexpected resources and the most important point is the experience.  At NUY they believe and try to push three Meta ideas:

They have the need to give their students a Creative confidence to startup things. Innovation is just look were other people is not looking and everybody can learn how to do it through the correct process. He keeps mentioning that

“People cannot change personality but yes the behavior”

“We have the chance in life to give students the creative confidence”

Then we finalized the morning with three fantastic piches from three top students: Nihal, Jerry and Marian

Next stop outbrain

OUTBRAIN “Our key to success adapt continuously to the client’s needs”

12 am Outbrain Yaron Galai the co-founder, close and humble person. He seems like he has just started in the company. Great welcoming from them that give them super nice soaps, sandwiches

First times in our lives were the CEO and the rest of the people is eating in the meeting.

The companies working with them 60% publishers 30% brands 10% companies. He explained to us the business model of the company and how they just accept content instead of adverts. The added value is use the trust for the content.

Two great advises he gives us Always find the one early adaptor and then the rest if you are doing one thing better and different than any other you will succeed and read lean startup a useful book to know a bit more about the mistery of developing business and products.
“The biggest asset of a startup is doing one little think amazingly”

Great meeting! The final of the trip is coming. Last meeting google….

GOOGLE “We encourage you to do what you want”

4 pm we arrive at Google. The building and the people working there is amazing. Same style than the companies visited over the week but bigger

We started our visit with a tour of the building and then Tomer gives us information about how to test your clients.

He gives certain advice based in his experience and one of his books: “It’s Our Research: Getting stakeholder buy-in for user experience research projects”

“You do not need to listen to users but observe them”

Nice advises to start our startups…Probably different approaches from the ones we had before. So nice to keep them in mind and analyze them once we arrived to Spain

Our trip has ended. We will always have Liz as a captain to coordinate our next “voyage” with Cedric as the main advisor and. Companies such as Canopy Office, Stratomedia, Okha.tv to learn from them their passion and commitment.

Like a hero we will flight with RedLimit, wearing a nice dress unique design in a few clicks by Monelias collaborating and nicely made by dressmakers from Maliko previously coordinated to be hand made in socially conscious by Modovanti. In the new place we will be transported in bikes that will incorporate Tandem to protect from thieves. And we will arrive to a place previously booked in VSOP. In this space we will all provide our cakes perfectly made with choice of ingredients from Larry Cakes. And with Shylo the new innovative Mobile Wallet platform all the expenses will be split among us….

Thanks IE BUSINESS SCHOOL for organizing this fantastic NYC VENTURE LAB TRIP we will never forget it in our lives…. Strong companies begin with strong ideas and strong teams

Special Thanks to Liz Thanks for your passion, your effort and your dynamism in every single minute of the trip.

Passion, enthusiasm and work key to become truth our dream ideas.

Never stop dreaming

Next step Silicon Valley trip….

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