Escrito el 12 febrero 2014 por entrepreneurship en emprender

Author: Ramon Granero,  Fik Stores co-founder

COmunica con carismaOne of the advantages of working in Area31 is a critical mass of people thinking about the same things. Just recently my startup, Fik Stores, was preparing our first press release towards our imminent launch. Then all of a sudden here comes journalist Juanma Romero, with more than 30 years of experience in national media, to explain to us how to efficiently  reach out to a journalist, from a journalist point of view. So valuable!

During the session Comunica con Carisma (Communicate with Charisma), Juanma gave us some important tips about obtaining a presence in the media, writing press releases, managing relationships with journalists and most important how to get  journalist attention. For a startup like ours, this was critical feedback from a customer/partner segment we usually do not take into account, but which is able to leverage our marketing efforts in early stages: the Media. It helped us understand how and what kind of value we can provide to them, and how can we increase LTV in attention terms for such a segment.

I would highlight two tips from the session: You are providing information, not advertising and target many local media  outlets instead of few national ones for increased effort efficiency. Approaching  small communication channels, where you can get higher visibility with less effort is always a good idea for a startup!


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