Author: Sugata Jain


I am an entrepreneur. I love creating businesses and seeing them develop into sustainable products and service offerings in the world. Working on my 3rd business now (after having worked on more than seven business idea development projects), I know that it’s not easy.

Dealing with fear is the daily meal of an entrepreneur. Many decisions have to be made with only hope to hang on to and no  certain return guaranteed, that many times it’s like sky diving off a plane and not seeing land through the clouds. All planning and strategy seems like an illusion. As an entrepreneur, managing motivation is what it seems like the business survives on. Keeping the excitement up and energy high is the lifeblood. 

Four years back a professor and life coach gifted me two hours of coaching as a thank you for helping her grow her business. That’s how I came across coaching and the world of self-development. Everything we do and don’t do, the way we do things, our perceptions (how we understand the world around us), how we make success happen – absolutely everything – is all a question of our sub-conscious beliefs and patterns. Its all changeable – as long as we’re ready to work on it.

I remember coming out of that first coaching session, feeling not only completely connected with my strengths but also with my life purpose (what I am here to do at this time in history). Over the years I have discovered the following through coaching:

  • My values are tools of strengths that I can learn how to tap into in any given situation.
  • Fears/insecurities are hidden and so deeply ingrained in us that we are not even aware 90% of the time that we’re scared. Its worth facing them and letting go.
  • Changing perspectives is progress and development. It can be really hard, but it’s very much possible.
  • Finding life purpose is absolutely empowering. Mine is to uncover the hidden potential of anyone I come across.

I am an entrepreneur because I want to be an agent of change and transformation in the world – however the change and transformation has to start from self.  Not for nothing Gandhi advocated “Become the change you want to see in the world». The more I develop myself, the more fearlessly I impact the world around me.

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Come join me in my workshop next week on Tuesday 11th of February at the Madrid International Lab. It’s in collaboration with UK’s Sparkle People and Development and we’re doing this workshop for the first time in Spain, after a lot of success in the UK market. It is 5 hours of intensive coaching and training aimed at empowering the growth of the businesses and startups through developing the strengths of the owners. We will provide insight and access to UK’s startup and funding scene. Register here. 

Sugata Jain is in the process of getting her certification in Coaching (from ICF) and is currently halfway through a 10 month Leadership Training Program from CTI. She is an MBA from IE’s 2007 class and is a serial entrepreneur. Her latest venture (work-in-progress) is a coaching platform to bring simple life management tools in a fun interactive way to her clients. 


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