Agenda IE Venture Network, 16th January

Escrito el 14 enero 2014 por entrepreneurship en emprender

Join IE Venture Network Thursday, 16th January 2014!

The Venture Network is a weekly pitch slam is an invaluable resource for early stage entrepreneurs, a forum for engaging the entrepreneurial community, promoting your startup, and at best securing an investment from our Investors in Residence. The Venture Network is unique in that it is a very informal gathering where startups can meet investors in an informal setting over beers and snacks and focus on what’s important; building relationships. The Venture Network is a great way to perfect your pitch, get feedback on your product, and meet the local startup community.

The Venture Network´s resident panel of startup experts include:

. Liz Fleming, Deputy Director Venture Lab
. Ignacio Larru, Business Angels
. Gonzalo Tradacete, Faraday

The three startups that will present their project in 7 minutes will be:

Carles Escolano, Arboribus

Through its web platform, Arboribus enables people to directly lend money to trustworthy and well-established small and medium sized companies. Using an auction mechanism, investors choose which companies to lend to, the amount of money and the interest rate to offer. Arboribus closes the deals, follows them through and manages monthly payments.

Luis Miguel Gil, planTV

planTV is an app working on the concepts «second screen» and «social tv».It is based on a simple TV guide that opens a chat room for every program and closes at the end of it. It includes some gamification as you can share and evaluate each message (good, bad, troll) and see the results at the end.

Noemi Barrientos, tHN

the Humans’ Network (tHN) is the social and human network that empowers people to make the necessary changes in the world by rating the humanity of our society and acting accordingly. tHN is the human ecosystem where everybody –people companies, public institutions, politicians and organizations- have the opportunity to build a better world by rating our humanity level, and act accordingly. The sum of our human ratings, interactions and actions will give us the thermometer of the social change.

IE Venture Network will be held every Thursday, from 7pm to 9.30 pm, at “AREA 31” María de Molina 31, CP: 28006 Madrid

Register your attendance here!   http://entrepreneurship.ie.edu/venture-network


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