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Area 31 at work [1]

Deadline: Nov 17th

Do you run a startup? Is it innovative? Is it scalable? Are you 100% committed to its success? If you answered yes to these four questions IE Business School’s Area 31 holds an opportunity for you. As always, IE Alumni who are entrepreneurs will have privileged access to our incubator. And, for the first time, some spots will be allocated to specially deserving entrepreneurs that might not be affiliated to IE. Of the 20 startups selected at least 15 spots will be reserved for IE Alumni and up to 5 spots will be assigned to entrepreneurs not affiliated to IE.

What is Area 31?

Area 31 is an open space for entrepreneurship and innovation at IE Business School. Area 31 hosts teams participating in Venture Lab (IE’s Startup accelerator), startups in the incubator, weekly pitching slams with investors (IE’s Venture Network), hackathons and events related to entrepreneurship & innovation.

Why should you be interested in being part of Area 31?

Area 31 leverages the obsession oWhat turns value into vision [2]f IE Business School for entrepreneurship, its expertise supporting entrepreneurs and the community of successful entrepreneurs and investors gravitating around IE to create the most exciting incubating environment for start ups.

Those selected to incubate their businesses from Area 31 will get during the six month incubation period:

Who should apply?the garden 11 [3]

The entrepreneurs: In order to apply in the IE Alumni track, at least one of the founders must have graduated from IE Business School. Application through the Non-IE affiliated track requires proven track record as an entrepreneur.

The Team: We will be looking for proof of commitment with the project such as: Is the company already incorporated/registered? How many of the founders work full time in the project? Have the founders invested their savings in the project?

The project: 

What we expect from you:

How can you apply?

If you’re interested in applying you should attend one of the Open house Days. At the Open House Days you’ll be able to visit the space, ask any doubts you might have and meet the other applicants. You can rsvp in the following links:

Oct 31st, 6pm-7pm [4]

Nov 7th, 6pm-7pm [5]

By Nov 17th, 2013, at midnight you need to submit the following forms (they can be filled in either in English or in Spanish):

Are you IE Alumni? This is your track [6]

Are you not affiliated to IE? This is your track [7]

By Nov 29th we will announce the selected teams on this blog

Mark your calendars: The welcome session for selected teams will take place in December 2nd, from 5pm to 7pm. Attendance to this session is mandatory for all selected teams.

For additional information contact concepcion.galdon@ie.edu [8]