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Author: Angélica Medina

BiDrink: Mobile app to find the best place to party and to enjoy a drink

BidrinkEverybody has been enjoying with friends and wanting to have a drink in a place close to where they are and sometimes they don’t know where.

BiDrink proposes users an alternative to search places to enjoy a drink using geo-location via mobile app with amazing dynamic offers and cool events.

BiDrink is a mobile platform that connects the night life locals and the consumers.

Would you like to know more about this tool and its creators? Andrés Pazos, Co-founder of Bidrink, tell us a little bit about this innovative tool.

What is the product or service?

We connect the night life locals and the consumers.

It is based in a real time application that includes features as the «inverse bids» and the personalized stock drink offers.

This is a marketing channel incorporated in a mobile application to allow the consumers to find the best place to party according their taste and to enjoy a drink via the Partyfinder tool.

Also, we have BiDrink Money: Loyalty fee redeemable to travel, drinks, etc.

Who is BiDrink customer?

BiDrink is focused on entertainment venue as a marketing channel. We provide them technology and they have the control over the pricing strategy and offer.

We also satisfied the leisure needs of end users or consumers.

To PR, it is a complementary channel.

What are basic features of BiDrink?

  • It works in real time
  • It has special features as «inverse bids»
  • Fill a venue through strategies like segmentation based on bids
  • Average price indicator
  • Pricing tool to set up and manage strategies in an automatic way
  • QR validation
  • PartyFinder as a search engine to find night life locals and events
  • Receive notifications of your favorite places
  • People may add (“I like” or +1) and share on social networks
  • BiDrink Money

How will BiDrink make money? 

The service is free to end users or consumers.

The night life locals have to subscribe to the service and pay a fee. The pricing is dynamic depends on services and promotions.

What kinds of investors does the company have?

At the moment, the business is self-financing.

We will seek financing on October, when the app will be launch.

Who are your current or potential competitors?

  • Platform develops as a hobby.
  • Tools allow static and generic discount. However, it seems to may cannibalize existing revenue.
  • Apps online without offline support.
  • Tools focus on the technology rather than on the client. For BiDrink, technology is the tool to improve the service.

What is the stage of project now?

We are performing internal testing.

We developed a demo to test the concept and look & feel with consumers on August as well as do a test with selective venues which we already contacted.

We plan to launch in Madrid in October to prove the concept and improve features and functionalities. Then, we consider growing including other cities. It also depends on fundraising to support expansion at national level.

Describe the role of each team member

Andres Pazos Morantes, Co- founder and responsible of Technology Innovation

Manuel González Frutos, Co- founder in charge of Marketing & Sales

Rodrigo Real Zoco, Development

Julio Hernández, Operations

How long have you been working on the idea?

Manuel and I have been working on the idea since January 2013.

We are working all together since June when we took part of Incubator.

What have you learned from your experience as entrepreneurs?

Constitution and consolidation of the team is essential to execute the idea and develop a business.

You need to have milestones to establish a roadmap, to monitor the plan and measure results and achievements.

Obtain feedback, listen, learn and go forward. Try to test your product as soon as possible and get feedback from the people.

In your opinion, what are the most important personality traits to be a successful entrepreneur?

Be passionate and confident

Fearless: don’t be afraid to failure and make mistakes


Be productive and goal focused, to execute the strategy and achieve the goals

Is there anything you would go back and do differently?

The execution of ideas is a key factor to success. I would have try to probe some concepts before and to make a nice logo since the beginning  😉




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