What we learned from a 16 year old genius developer

Escrito el 18 julio 2013 por entrepreneurship en emprender

Author: Jorge Carabias

Javier Alaves visited Area31 at IE Business School on Tuesday July 16 to share his short but very enriching personal experience and knowledge with technology.

Javier Alaves is a 16-year-old student studying at the American International School (AIS) of Israel in Even Yehuda. Born in Spain, moved at very early age to the US and then returned to Spain at age 7. He works for the school as a technology assistant as well as part time jobs with Google, Apple and Microsoft. Javier is an adherent of new technologies and an encouraging innovative young leader with fresh ideas to show to the world.

Javier of course isn’t just any ordinary student, a self-taught programmer, beginning his AP Computer Science qualification at 15 and graduating this summer.

Javier is also a technology instructor for staff & students at the school via Falcon Academy, a group he set up to teach his classmates how to code, and leads the school´s entry into FIRST Robotics Competition an international robotics competition for high schoolers.

During his talk at Area31 Javier not only gave us very insightful explanations on how to make our lives easier when it comes to using the web. He focused a big amount of his talk to show us the huge impact Google+ is having worldwide and its fast expansion due to its simplicity and its compatibility with Gmail and many other Google related tools.

Javier Alaves is indeed a genius and has more than a resume to back this up. Only at the age 16 he has been able to master so many things related to the web – coding, programming, developing – there is no doubt that there are many great things to come ahead by this young entrepreneur. We thank Javier for visiting Area31 at IE Business School and we look forward to having you with us again soon!


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