IE Entrepreneurship Trip to Israel

Escrito el 20 junio 2013 por entrepreneurship en emprender

IE Entrepreneurship Trip to Israel

I just returned from a very interesting trip to Israel. The Jewish Business Club and IE Venture Lab had organized an amazing tour of startups, VCs and angel investors, Tech Universities and Government representatives. We met interesting people and world known experts like Mr.Yanki Margalit, Dr. Harry Yuklea, Mr. Saul Singer and innovative start-ups like http://www.mobileye.com/, www.wibbitz.com ; www.webydo.com) ; enough to get the flavor of the Startup Nation. We discovered an ecosystem where the power of the network and the perfect alignment of capabilities, resources and laws create an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. I discovered a new Silicon Valley where failure is tolerated. In fact one of the most important learning’s from this trip is the concept of accepting failure: it doesn’t really matter that you failed; what is important is what you learned from it. Maybe for some of us it’s just a cliché but it is impressive to see this concept put in practice in the day to day life of an entire society.

Post by Cristina Sandu, Entrepreneur, Romania, GExMBA IE Business School 2013

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