Alice and Lupe in search of balance…

Escrito el 6 junio 2013 por entrepreneurship en emprender

Author: Ilya Goldshtein

Last Thursday Alice and Lupe lead a workshop about work/life balance for entrepreneurs in the frame of the Mindfulness sessions (one of the initiatives that have been launched by Area 31 Alumni Startup Incubator’s teams). The company of Alice and Lupe is called Focus on Women (focusonwomen.es). It is the first retail travel agency aimed at women in Spain. Their objective is to show 14+ destinations through the eyes of local women who host meetings and activities with travellers, by sharing their culture and customs. In their every day life Alice and Lupe try to help people to spend their leisure time in a different and meaningful way. They also know how important it is to plan your vacation, to be able to do it.

However, planning our vacation or holidays’ trips we often forget that our life is not just “days at work” and “weekends”. Our life should be balanced in between. In their presentation, Alice and Lupe were talking about importance of this balance, and what can happen with a person who does not have this balance. After making a small exercise, participants were offered to analyze their daily schedule in a way they could incorporate their personal life in their without making a conflict with their job or career plans. The set off tools Focus on Women provided was very helpful and easy to implement.

We all can fulfill our professional and personal life with harmony, we just need to find a balance!

Alice y Lupe en Mindfulness


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