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Escrito el 23 mayo 2013 por entrepreneurship en emprender

Several months have already passed since Area 31 launched its 1st intake of the Alumni Startup Incubator. It was so short time, but there have been so many excellent achievements of our teams that we are very glad to share with you today!

Let’s take, for example, Remini! This is a mobile app that helps you to relive your memories while you’re out there making new ones. Remini sends back your favorite pictures as you return to the places they were taken or when you meet the people that participated in making those great moments. Then it lets you share with your friends what you remember. In the last month, they launched their blog and website www.reminiapp.com, have also been working on their design and branding, and just this week they started testing their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) (one of the key strategies to taste a product on a market). Those who ever had to face a difficulty in finding their memories in the online clutter and reconnecting with friends will definitely understand the current feelings of Remini!

Soysuper is another great example. The company itself is a new kind of supermarket (6 stores in 1), where their users can finalize their purchase at any of the integrated supermarkets online. The idea is to offer users a platform that is fast, easy to navigate, unlike existing supermarket websites, and where they can compare prices. It also offers many opportunities to manufacturers and distributors.
Soysuper has worked hard during last months, both on the technical and commercial side of the business. They are already beginning to offer their insights product to consumer brands, hence now they are quite busy with a lot of business meetings. Now their users can compare shopping lists across supermarkets and their goal is to enable users to finalize grocery purchases via soysuper.com within the coming month.

Finally, we would like to congratulate Inkubica Labs, that just signed a very important contract for them! They are specialized in Learning Analytics and Personalized Education for MOOCs and for educational games for tablets and mobiles, partnering with publishers, Universities and Business Schools. They will also be speakers and organizers of the Learnovation Day, which will take place on May 23 at the Auditorio, Espacio Fundación Telefónica.


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