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Area 31 [1]


What is Area 31?

Area 31 is an open space for entrepreneurship and innovation at IE Business School. IE’s passion for entrepreneurship has materialized into this ecosystem for startups in Madrid’s center. Within the IE Community, Area 31 has an important mission; to become the home of IE Business School´s entrepreneurs and innovators.  Area 31 will host and incubate teams participating in Venture Lab (IE’s Startup accelerator), IE students launching their own businesses and start-ups run by IE Alumni.

Why should you be interested in being part of Area 31?

Area 31 leverages the obsession of IE Business School for entrepreneurship, its expertise supporting entrepreneurs and the community of successful entrepreneurs and investors gravitating around IE to create the most exciting incubating environment for start ups. Those selected to incubate their businesses from Area 31 will get during the six month incubation period:

Area 31 is the perfect soil in which to grow your start up.

Who should apply?

Who was selected for the first edition?

The start-ups that were accepted in the first edition [5] come from many diverse areas, both offline and online, including Social Entrepreneurship, IT (including crowdsourcing websites and mobile apps), Renewable Energy, Health and Beauty and many others. During their time in Area 31 they have designed and implemented a program [6] that combines training sessions on securing funding or applying mindfulness principles to management, networking opportunities among them and with leading entrepreneurs and offering internship opportunities among other initiatives. This is their program, if you’re accepted you will be able to create your own based on your interests.

Recently, 3 teams in the Area 31 Alumni Startup Incubator have won a relevant entrepreneurship competition, [7] Would you like to meet these entrepreneurs? Apply! The first and second editions of the incubator will overlap in Area 31 during the months of June and July. This will provide the opportunity to create a link among both editions to strengthen the community of Area 31 startups.

How can you apply?

In order to apply you need to fill in this form [8] by May 26th, 2013 at midnight (although the form is in English it can be completed in English or Spanish). If additional information is needed, candidates will receive a request for an interview. Selected Startups will be announced on this blog by June 3rd. They will start their incubation in Area 31 on June 10th with a networking and co creation session that will run from 7pm to 9pm.

If you’re planning to apply, it is recommended that you attend one of the open house days that will be held in Area 31  on the following dates: May 7th at 7pm, May 16th at 6pm and May 23rd at 6pm. Rsvp required. [9]

For additional information contact concepcion.galdon@ie.edu [10]

*To selected countries and up to a maximum amount of 500 minutes per startup during those 6 months

**The Hub 100 Memberships will be offered only to projects that fit within the Hub community. This will be evaluated through their level of engagement with the community in Area31.