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Wednesday, April 24th – 19h
IE Business School, C/ María Molina 4, Aula E-108 

In 2004 Matt Shoup was living the american way of life: just graduated from the university, recently married and up to his neck with studies and mortgage debts. But he was not scared. «I am going to take a safe job at a bank» he thought, and so he did. In March 2005 that bank fired Matt and he suddenly found himself unemployed, lacking a salary and without a single dollar in his pocket whilst he owed more than 100,000 dollars in credits. At that moment Matt founded M&E Painting with the last 100 dollars that he had in his wallet. Since then Matt has grown M&E Painting until making it the biggest, most recognized and successful company of North Colorado. With more than 12 million dollars in revenue during the last 8 years, and several awards for creating a triving workplace. Matt is today considered as one of the most influential entrepreneurs of Colorado and the USA.

 At the talk «Painting success» Matt will share and discuss advices about his vision for creating and expanding a painting company, starting for zero, on an industry that is not cool, looks bad, employs poorly qualified manpower y strongly depends on the word of mouth and recognition of its customers.

Matt Shoup
President, M&E Painting, Shoup Consulting
Author, Become an Award Winning Company
Comentario de Matt sobre su libro en YouTube Why I Wrote «Become an Award Winning Company»

El idioma del evento será en inglés.
Registro: http://www.ticketea.com/pintando-exito


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