IE Speaker Series: Agile Management for Highly Reactive Companies

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Agile Management for Highly Reactive Companies

Monday, November 26th, 7pm
IE Business School, C/ María Molina 4, Aula E-108 

During the last decade, Agile methods for software development (including Scrum, eXtreme Programming or Kanban) have raised as the ‘Way To Go’ in order to deal with complex situations such as those faced by technical teams, while also reducing Project Management overhead, delivering fast and frequently to customers, increasing productivity, developing self-organizing teams and creating a new relationship with customers based on collaboration, interactions, feedback and value. But how can we be Agile inside a traditional, heavyweight, bureacratic organization? Are there any clues on the Agile movement that can help business be highly reactive in times of growing complexity and constant change? How con we manage our companies to unleash the talent, creativity and productivity of our teams? This talk will give some insights on how to grow Agile outside the boundaries of the technical team and start thinking on the Agile Enterprise.

The event will be held in english.
Register: http://www.ticketea.com/agile-management-eomadrid



Angel Medinilla is one of the leading Agile & Lean experts in Europe, and he is a frequent speaker at European conferences like XP, Scrum Gathering, Agile Lean Europe, Lean Kanban Europe, Lean Camp…  For the last six years, he has been coaching al sort of companies – including banks, telco, gaming, mobile, consulting, government, e-commerce, startups, dot.coms – all around Europe in their way to implement Agile methods and transform their Corporate Cultures to survive in the 21st century.  His first book, «Agile Management», is already available in Amazon, and he is working on a second book on continuous improvement in Agile companies. He is a Management 3.0 Licensed Trainer and a member of the Agile Alliance.


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