Area31 – IE Business School´s new startup incubator!

Escrito el 26 julio 2012 por entrepreneurship en emprender

On July 13th we annouced that IE Business School´s Centre for International Entrepreneurship would be opening a new innovation and entrepreneurship centre where we will house our Venture Lab startup teams, run the Venture Network, invite mentors and investors in residence, and more.  The basement of Maria de Molina 31 will be the home and heart of our entrepreneurial activities and an important addition to Madrid´s startup ecosystem.

We asked you the community to help us name this new hub of startup activity and you have done a great job!

I am delighted to announce that the new innovation and entrepreneurship centre of IE Business School will be called – Area31

Area31 was a clear and unrivalled winner and grasped the majority of the 418 votes received!

Many thanks for helping us to come up with a really cool name now it is our job to create and share the vision that this name will represent!

Look forward to welcoming you all to Area31 in September.

Have a great summer & happy entrepreneuring.



and remember we´re nothing without the crowd 🙂



Andrea Bermúdez 2 agosto 2012 - 11:48

Dear Liz,

Congratulations on this new area and initiative.

My future business partner, Leticia Acle, and myself, are graduates from the IE IMBA April 2011 intake.
We are in the planning phase of a new venture, and therefore we would like to apply to Area 31, to serve us as support platform for the launch of our entrepreneurship project.

We would be grateful if you could inform us of the process to follow.
Thank you and Best Regards,

Andrea Bermúdez

Juan C Novoa 9 agosto 2012 - 15:28

Hi Liz

Great to see this new development of the IE entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As part of the original team behind the Venture Lab back in 2004, and having just started a new business not long ago, I’m keen to connect with you to develop links with Area 31.

Please let me know how is it best to reach you directly.

All the best,

Juan Novoa
IMBA 2004

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