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«Traction is a measure of your product’s engagement with its market, a.k.a. product/market fit. In order of importance, it is demonstrated through profit, revenue, customers, pilot customers,non-paying users, and verified hypotheses about customer problems. And their rates of change.

A story without traction is a work of fiction…

If you have incredible traction in what seems to be a large market, you can raise money no matter what the product and team look like — although a good product and team will improve your terms.
If you have some traction and the market seems large, your product and team are both critical to raising money.
If you have no traction, a great demo or a previously successful team are essential.
And if the market doesn’t seem large, investors won’t care about your product, team, or company at all.

In general, the more you need money, the less likely that you’re going to get it.  But making something out of nothing is what entrepreneurs do.»

Extractos de Pitching Hacks [1]‘, lectura recomendada para todo emprendedor o aspirante a serlo.  Sólo 83 páginas que podéis leer en unos 20 minutos… y utilizar el resto de vuestra vida [emprendedora, se entiende].