Are you a hunter, or a fisherman?

Escrito el 24 abril 2009 por Firma invitada en emprendedores

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Miguel Almeida me ha pedido que le presente como alguien que «cree verdaderamente en que hay una gran y muy relevante diferencia entre Autoridad y Poder».  Además de eso, es un emprendedor que trabaja, en colaboración con otros tres socios, en la creación del primer operador móvil virtual de uno de los países más atractivos del mundo [desde cualquier perspectiva imaginable].

Are you a «go getter», aiming at your goals and objectives and stopping at nothing with your motivation as main drive… with the possible drawback of finding that you’re up against mobile targets, requiring that you run and change directions frequently? (ah, the thrill of the hunt!).

Or do you believe more in the attraction path, where you develop your products, capabilities and patience, and expect your targets and wishes to gravitate towards you… with the possible drawback of having to wait for a long time before reaping the rewards? (hmm, the calmness of the fishing).

The point is not the push vs. pull debate for products and services that you want to market as an entrepreneur (since probably a good dollop of both a push and a pull tactic will be needed for commercial success!). Nope. The point is about how YOU operate best. Yourself! How you see the world, how you function as an illustrious (if temporary) guest on its canvas… what works best for YOU.

I do not believe myself that one is necessarily better / worse than the other in any respect – and we easily find plenty of success or failure cases in both areas, so «success» does not separate the waters in this regards either (Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sure formula?! But alas!, this big, beautiful flat world of ours does not concur on this, either!).


…as an aspiring / potential / dreamy / accomplished (delete as applicable) entrepreneur, do you KNOW at all where you stand on this issue? If not, my strongest advice to you is: get back to the drawing board until you do. Then look at your entrepreneurial activity again, and put into perspective how your actions make the best use of that husbandry trait. Are you pursuing your endeavours in the way it best suits your personality, or are you trying to do «what an entrepreneur should» (based on some «how to» book on the subject)?

PS: please don’t tell me you’re a farmer!!! Planting a seed, watering and nurturing it to reap a later reward is conceptually the same thing as being a fisherman in the above analogy 😉


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