IE Venture Day São Paulo 2014

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On Monday, September 8th, we hosted the 3rd edition of IE Venture Day São Paulo at Banco Santander`s auditorium. The event was a complete success with almost 300 high profile attendees including the country`s key decision-makers and opinion leaders.

The event was highly publicized by the major social and print media outlets that reached a multi-platform audience of approximately 10,000,000 people. The event received gold sponsorship by Banco Santander, Valor Económico (Brazil`s most influential daily business newspaper), Livraría Cultura (Brazil`s largest bookstore) and Anjos do Brasil (a local non-profit angel investor network that supports innovative entrepreneurs). We also received the financial support of some of the country’s top entrepreneurs and organizations that included Wayra, ABStartups, Digital Factory, Performance Investimentos, UK Trade & Investment and SýnDreams, amongst others. We are proud to have raised a total sponsorship of 70,000 euros. The event received high praise from the Brazilian entrepreneurs and sponsors in attendance who expressed their encouragement for the hosting of future events.





Entrepreneurs in Art and Culture: Almudena Lobera

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Author: Blog “También somos así”

“I renounced a stable job as a teacher to pursue a more stimulating lifestyle”


Almudena Lobera is a young Spanish artist who has been internationally recognized, exhibiting her collections in Spain, New York, Mexico, Panama and the Netherlands. Winner, among others, the ABC-project-4-ARCO award, Almudena tells us about her career and assesses the current Spanish art scene.

Could you tell us when you started in art and why?

Probably there is a no particular time when I started. Since childhood,… (read more)


IE Venture Day Lisbon 2014

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IE Venture Day Lisbon 2014 took place last July 10th, as part of the Lisbon Investment Summit, organized by IE business school and Beta-Iwith the participation of the European Commission.

Pharmassistant, the winner of the startup contest was awarded with an €80k investment by Smart Equity. The jury responsible for evaluating the pitches of the startups included Mike Butcher (Techcrunch editor), Tobias Schirmer (IE alumnus and BDMI), Oriol Juncosa (Nauta Capital), Itxaso del Palacio (EC1 Capital), Paloma Castellano (Wayra) and Carla Pimenta (EDP Ventures). Vertequip was the most voted project by the audience of more than 300 people and Coolfarm was chosen as the best pitch.

The event gathered entrepreneurs Anshuman Vohra, Bulldog Gin founder, Lopo Champalimaud from Wahanda, Rui Pereira from Outsystems, Scott Witters from Glownet and Pedro Trinité from TTR, the last two IE alumni, and sponsors like CCA-Ontier, whose managing partner, Domingos Cruz, is also an IE alumnus, and Bulldog gin.

Since its inception, IE Business School has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit as a core value, and is now an international reference in the field of entrepreneurship being ranked No. 9 Worldwide for Entrepreneurship by Bloomberg´s Business Week.



Meet the Startups in Area 31: VSpot

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Author: Natalie Cartwright

Where did you get the idea to develop VSpot?

Team was more important for us than the idea. We started by looking at our life and entrepreneurial goals, decided that they aligned and that we wanted to work together. Then we sat in a room together for weeks on end brainstorming ideas. We were interested in building a wind tunnel in Vancouver and a mentor told us to start with renting idle time in another wind tunnel to test the market. From there we jumped to renting idle time in spaces in general and VSpot was born.

How long have you been working on the idea?

We have been working on the idea since November 2013. VSpot was part of the IE International MBA venture lab program from January – May 2014. After we graduated, some of the team was offered short-term contracts that were difficult to refuse so at the moment are taking a short hiatus as we gain start-up experience and refill our bank accounts following our MBAs.

Who are your current or potential competitors?

The space market is taking off and there are lots of start-ups with similar models in Vancouver, New York, London and elsewhere. We met with our competitor in New York and are looking for opportunities to work together – for example with licensing software etc. For the moment, no one company has any significant market share.

What features would provide further differentiation?

Because this is in an event space, the opportunities to differentiate are more or less limitless. For the moment, we are focusing on getting a solid core product and making sure that the user experience is exceptional.

How does VSpot work?

Elliot can tell you in 45 seconds. Watch this video.

What is VSpot’s Business Model?

It’s a very simple model. Vspot is a two-sided platform that connects venues with people who want to host events. Every time VSpot connects a venue and a host, we take a minimum 5% commission.

What kind of investors does VSpot have?

VSpot has three major investors – Elliot Stone, Chris Gomes and Natalie Cartwright (we also happen to be the founders). We wanted to bring as much value to the company as possible before seeking external investment. We are currently bootstrapping our venture and have not yet sought external financing.

Do you have a prototype?

We patched together an MVP to allow us to test the market – www.vspot.es. We curated the best venues in Madrid and added them to the website to see what people are most interested in booking. We are also getting metrics on user patterns to help us develop the next website iteration.

What are your most difficult experiences as an entrepreneur?

Our team is made up of a Brazilian, a Canadian and an American who met in Spain. We love working together but it’s difficult to all be allowed to be in one geographical place – especially in a city that makes sense for our business as it is very location specific.

Is there anything that you would do differently if you had the chance?

We would spend more time managing the IT portion. Early on we found a developer who worked on our site for free. However, he completed 90% of the original site and then disappeared. We managed to find a way to complete the website and learned a lot in the process. Having stronger IT skills on the team or a clear risk mitigation strategy from the beginning would have been useful.

What advice would you give to potential entrepreneurs?

Team is everything – invest time in putting together the right one.


Venture Network Vertical

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The Venture Network closed out its final Thursday before the summer break with a very fun and intriguing Vertical on the Food & Beverage Industry on July 10th. This topic has been especially common at IE in the past month. Starting off with the IE International Commerce Club hosting the CEO of Mahou, Alberto Rodríguez, and the IE Entrepreneurship Club holding an event on July 15th with the co-founder of the craft brewery, Fábrica Maravillas in Malasaña, this vertical proved to be very popular with the community.

We had 3 cutting edge startups give their best pitch in 7 minutes followed by 10 minutes of Q&A from our experienced panel members. The outcome of all this hard work, were 2 tickets to the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria where the winning team will get a chance to experience the future of technology and network amongst some of the top entrepreneurial minded people around.



First, the audience and panel were very interested by Yo Campro Sano who is trying to make sure people have greater access to locally grown, organic food, by connecting farmers directly with consumers. Since their launch in October 2013 they have seen considerable traction and are currently seeking another round of funding where they hope to raise €250,000 in order to broaden their team and implement further development. Second, Recipay.com pitched their idea for rewarding1 consumers for utilizing products from specific brands and uploading recipes online. They are currently working with a number of different brands and have received numerous distinctions for their work. Lastly, the audience saw Shopping Leeks offer their solution for making the ordering process much easier between restaurants and distributors. All 3 companies have put a lot of hard work into making their business succeed and at the end the panel ultimately sided with Recipay.com, who was awarded with the prize of the evening.


We’d like to say thank you to all of the startups who participated and those that were in attendance. A very special thank you to the 3 panel members: Paula Almansa, a business angel and the co-founder of the Impact HUB in Madrid; Juan López Santamaría, an Investment Manager at Kibo Ventures; and Federico Giacalone, who is the Head Chef at the Westin Palace Madrid.


We’d also like to remind all those other aspiring startups there’s still time to apply for the Pioneers Challenge which provides you access to some of the most influential investors in your industry, plus 1 month free of mentorship and coaching. You can read more about it here.

The Venture Network will be resuming every Thursday starting in September, so remember to come and check out what new startups we have pitching down in Area 31. You can also follow us on Meetup to stay up-to-date on all of the Venture Network events.


Venture Network Verticals, July 10th

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IE Venture Day Lisbon on July 10

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Scott Witters, IE MBA alumnus, was the CEO of New Zealand’s flagship festival business, Rhythm Group, for 10 years and part-way through that time realized that there had to be a better way to run his festival. He started by using a local RFID provider to provide cashless services and then came to realize that he could transform an industry by setting up his own RFID business. In late 2012 he set up Glownet in the UK to transform music festivals worldwide. Glownet is a revolutionary end-to-end system that empowers you with the latest RFID technology, delivering transparency, contra and engagement across your entire event. 

Scott will share his experience as entrepreneur in IE Venture Day Lisbon on July 10. You can watch Scott live in the following link

Describe your biggest challenges or mistakes as entrepreneur?

  • Working the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  There is a lot of buzz around startups yet you must remain persistent if it is going to happen.  I put too much faith in what seemed to be dream propositions from potential partners and/or prospective investors, only to find out they fell flat.  This is not as simple as scoring a ticket to ride the roller-coaster.

Describe your greatest achievement as an entrepreneur? 

  • Surviving, even after exhausting all possible options.  There have been multiple times I have had to quickly learn to breath underwater.

What tips can you give to IE’s entrepreneurs?

  • Its not the idea, its all about the implementation.  Which inherently comes back to that cliché of investors are placing their bets on the team.  Instead of being preoccupied with dreaming up something that is unique, I admire those that see merits in what may be an existing concept yet best formulate the path to realise their vision.
  • The risk/reward for entrepreneurs is immense and it is true that the minority succeed.  My advice to those that have entrepreneurial ambitions, and yet still uncertain of which rainbow to chase, is to look at carving a niche from another startup that has reached its growth phase.  There are many fast growing startups, such as Glownet, that are challenged with balancing the multitude of new growth opportunities against maintaining focus on their core business.  There are many business opportunities that are being being passed by some of these companies yet they would welcome and would be very supportive within a strategic partnership should you wish to take on the challenge.

​Interviewed by Nir Hindi (@nirhindi)​



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IE Venture Day Lisbon

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Itxaso del Palacio is an early stage investor at EC1 Capital and a Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurship at UCL. She is now based in London, but for the last seven years, Itxaso has worked with startups in London, Silicon Valley, Spain and Latino America. She is a prestigious Kauffman Fellow and she is very well connected to the global network of fellow investors . Itxaso is a runner and a qualified spinning instructor, and she is interested in the way wearables and digital products are helping people get involved in sports, be healthier, more productive and happier. 

 Itxaso will participate in IE Venture Day Lisbon on July 10. You can watch her live in the following link: 


​ ​​Can you give us an example of one of you successful investments: what were the criteria that made it a ‘sweet spot’ to enter and what made it a good investment?

EC1 Capital started investing 2.5 years ago. We invest in seed and early stage companies. Due the short life of the investments none of our companies has exited. However, we do have some companies in the portfolio that are preforming successfully. Some of the outperforming companies are Toothpick and Truly. Toothpick provides booking systems to dental practices. Truly is an online shop for luxury experiences. Both companies have strong founders, who understand the markets in which they operate. In such early stage startups, founders and employees are critical. We look for founders who have experience working in the market they are operating, they know the stakeholders and who have been able to build traction with very limited resources.

Do you think Portugal can have an edge in any specific areas of investment?

Portugal is well positioned to reach both European countries as well as other Portuguese speaking countries. Brazil is a vast market and is less competitive than the UK or US so it might be an interesting opportunity for Portuguese entrepreneurs.

What are the tips you can give IE young entrepreneurs when searching for investors?​

My advice to entrepreneurs that go abroad to raise money is that they should “learn the rules of the game before start playing”. Entrepreneurs raising money need to know what would make their company different and unique for an investor. Understanding the startup ecosystem is also important. It is about benchmarking traction expected, growth potential and valuations expected in a certain location. In Europe entrepreneurs compete with each other to raise money from the best investors. They need to be able to offer the best opportunity to investors in terms of team, market and growth potential and price. In Silicon Valley, the situation is different. Investors compete to get the best deals so entrepreneurs can increase valuations.

​Interviewed by Nir Hindi (Twitter: @nirhindi)​


IE Venture Day Lisbon

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Venture Day Lisbon is next week! Run in collaboration with Beta-I and with the participation of Startup Europe, this will be a one day Iberian conference and start-up competition. Smart equity, an early stage seed fund in Lisbon, have committed an €80k investment to one of the 10 finalists. Last year’s event was amazing with over 290 attendees, 70 startups, 20 investors, including speakers such as José Martín Cabiedes (Cabiedes & Partners SCR), Carlos Blanco (Akamon), Filipe Blackwood Oliveira (Bloomberg Beta); this year we want to make it bigger and better! It will be an excellent day to see some Portuguese deal flow! The day after, July 11th, Beta-i will be organizing its Lisbon Challenge Investors Day, so please save both dates if possible.

The event will be stream live at http://ustre.am/1fhG1

Our exciting agenda includes great speaker and you can check it here: http://www.lis-summit.com/#the-agenda

Register here: https://lis-summit.eventbrite.pt/?discount=LIS_IE_INVITATION


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