Startups in Area 31 showcase their products at our Product Demo Day

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Author: Marta Carruesco, Founder of BeeBeeBabies

Last Monday, October 13th, was the 4th Demo Day for Start Ups incubated in Area 31. Three of the teams in the Area 31 program had the chance to show their products to the audience and get valuable feedback from them.

The first to presenBeebeebabiest were Iñigo and Eva from ALTERKEYS. They involved the audience in an amazing trip through their rentable properties. The motto “where will you wake up tomorrow?”invites you to dream of a new trip. They walked us through the five W´s of their product. Their presentation included a great video showing how easy it is to book a property in Alterkeys. As explained by Eva, they base their product on trust, reliability and good prices for hosts and guests.

Then it was BEE BEE BABIES’s turn and Marta turned our garden into a market with their products. She explained how some of the clothes grow with the babies and the main challenges they had to overcome to launch their first collection. Their proposal is cute, high quality and more durable garments from birth to 24 months that the audience loved.She got most valuable feedback from the audience about ways to improve their products and communication strategy.

The last turn was for Luis, co-founder of EVOLUFARMA. He struck the audience with a strong opening statement: “We are a platform that helps pharmacies to take care of their clients”. Then, he explained that their value proposition is to help pharmacies to know their customers and retain them, offer better services, increase the value of their brand, be in the 2.0 world and ultimately grow their sales. How they achieve all this? They have software that unifies the pharmacies’ databases and gives them a Balance Score Card of the client which allows them to launch targeted marketing campaigns.




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The Venture Network is a weekly pitch slam is an invaluable resource for early stage entrepreneurs, a forum for engaging the entrepreneurial community, promoting your startup, and at best securing an investment from our Investors in Residence. The Venture Network is unique in that it is a very informal gathering where startups can meet investors in an informal setting over beers and snacks and focus on what’s important; building relationships. The Venture Network is a great way to perfect your pitch, get feedback on your product, and meet the local startup community.

The Venture Network´s resident panel of startup experts include:

. Jose Antonio Vega, Alboran Corporate Finance
. Nicola Cencherle, Gin Venture Capital S.L

. Julio Pazo, Gin Venture Capital S.L
. Enrique Conde, Effice Servicios Para la Investigación S.L.

The four startups that will present their project in 7 minutes will be:

Kiko Magán , Wannaplan

Wannaplan is the ultimate hub to create, organise or attend casual leisure plans with people you share a common interest with. It’s an Android and iOS mobile app for smartphone that spots suitable plans around you.

Jose Manuel Rodriguez , STARTUP Paraiso

For all the changemakers in the world that feels that time is the asset to manage, vacations are something that others do and networking is as essential as the the project you are working on. STARTUP Paraiso is a programme in which today’s changemakers get together to UNWIND, get INSPIRED, CREATE & SHARE in what you consider a paradise. Mindfulness, balance & people are the benefits you’ll receive when joining STARTUP Paraiso community”.

José Molina, Trajesamedida.com

Trajesamedida.com is the most customizable online tailoring shop in the world. We provide high quality suits and shirts that fit you perfectly. You design from the comfort of your home, get measured in less than 10 minutes with the aid of our video guide and receive the garments anywhere in the world.

Yoav Schachar, Booksphera

Booksphera is a content-based communication tool for authors, a place to share and interact with readers around a book. Booksphera is about building communities around stories. It brings together readers with common areas of interests, and allows them to share their reading experience with each other and with the author.

Want to pitch your venture in the upcoming events?

Register your attendance here!   www.IEVENTURENETWORK.co


Vuelve Comprometi2.0 ¡Participa hasta el 31 de octubre de 2014!

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Meet the startups in Area 31: Riderstate

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Author: César Martin, Riderstate

My name is César Martín and I’m cofunder at RiderState, the first social game for bicycle users. An app (Android and iOS) that registers the activities of cyclists and a game based on GPS in which Rider (the player) hast to conquer the World riding a bike. An unique adventure.

Are you ready to conquer the World?

Where did you get the idea?mapa-mundi-riderstate

In fact, the first idea was completely different as the current project. I n the beginning we were 4 classmates of Complutense University who shared the passion for the bicycle. The initial idea was a cycling magazine, but we realized that this idea was impossible. This project wasn’t within reach. Then, the smarphones appeared in front of our eyes. We started thinking in an app based on GPS for cyclist, but we realized there were many potential competitors (Strava, Endomondo, Runtastic…).

We have always wanted to create something different. Therefore, we started thinking about a game. We realized that cyclist hadn’t an app to enjoy while riding the bike. The first idea was a game with leaderboards based in distance, average speed, kilometres…, but it wasn’t enough. Then, gamification won importance on the project. Under this premise, we found the way: a game to conquer the World whit your bicycle. This is how we got the idea, although it hasn’t been easy to develop the first social game for bicycle users.

How long have you been working on the idea?

We have been working on the idea since three years ago, although we started to develop the current mobile app since May 2013.  We launched the Android app of RiderState April 15th 2014. After a short while, we launched the iOS app too.

How does RiderState work?

RiderState works by chopping the world map up into squares of 10,000 sq metres. Your goal is to dominate as much of the map in your local area as you can, by riding your bike. The cyclist rides the bike and RiderState tracks his activity in real time. Once the cyclist finishes, the app shows the conquered territories of your track along with the activity stats (distance, time, average speed…).  Player has to conquer the World riding a bike, for that purpose he must to beat your friends or neighbors, and become the Governor of your street, district or city. Also, the app lets more funcionalities:

  • Global leaderboards
  • Cyclist can get many badges
  • Player can be a member of a group
  • Some specific games to motivate users

What is the business model?

RiderState has a multiplatform business model. RiderState’s business model is divided in 3 phases:

  • First phase: we are focusing in bicycle sector companies like bicycle shops, distributors and manufactures.
  • Second phase: “bike to work” programs. We offer custom games to private companies, around bike to work programs.
  • Third phase: services around bicycle community data. Services inside Smartcity area.

What kinds of investors does the company have?

Like a lot of startups, firstly FFF (Friend, family and fools). Moreover, we have got a public financing from ENISA and we have raised funds by a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo last February. Now, when we achieve the fixed goals in the business area, we’re going to look for financing: our seed round.

What are those goalequipo-riderstates?

We are already achieving the first customers, in the bicycle sector companies. Moreover we are working hard to improve our users growth numbers.

In your opinion, what is most important: the market, the product, or the team?

We have already the most important thing: a great team. If you have a great team, you can consider a certainty that you will have a fantastic product. However, you can have an amazing game, but if users don’t play, you have nothing. User has the key. For us, user is the most important too, because he or she is the final customer of the app. If we want to improve the product, have to know their opinions, ideas, suggestions…

What are the most difficult of the experience as entrepreneur?

Find the correct way. We learn to fail and rise up, but nobody teaches you about how to take decisions. However, for each mistake, we are more qualified entrepreneurs

In your opinion, what are the most important personality traits to be a successful entrepreneur?.

Have the ability to learn from one’s mistakes. A person who accepts the change. Believe in yourself. Decision, analytical and hard-working.

Is there anything you would go back and do differently if you had the chance?

Have a strategic plan. When the first business begins, we discover there were lot of new things for us and don’t know how to confront them. In the beginning we didn’t create a strategic plan, including each branch of the startup (business, development, communication, analytics…). As we say in Spain: “It is never too late to change things”

What advice would you like to give to potential entrepreneurs?

  • You must learn from one’s mistakes and get positive things.
  • Analyse each action, each decision or each step, because you can always improve something, although you believe that the decision has been perfect.
  • Be patient when you choose the team. The team is the most important aspect of a startup.
  • Listen your users. Know their opinions and ideas because they will decide if your business is successful.

Networking Trip to Israel November 2-7, 2014

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After the success of the 1st International Trip to Israel last year, the Jewish Business Club would like to invites you to its second edition, a journey to explore the land of new tech startups while networking with top executives from all around the globe. In this mission we will embark on coverage of the Israeli ecosystem. You will connect with the successful businesses, accelerators, investors and start-ups of Israel. 

It is addressed for anyone aiming to have a deep understanding of Israel´s miracle, while networking with international professionals: entrepreneurs (and wannabe entrepreneurs), executives, investors, tech-professionals. Groups from Germany, Chile, Denmark, Greece, Mexico, and Spain and around the world already have confirmed… If you are looking for a unique experience in the most incredible tech-hub of the world this is your trip!

November, 23th to 28th 

Visit the website for more information: http://jewishbusinessclub.org/trip

Or also you can contact Patricia Mizrahi @ patricia@jbcmadrid.com



La Fundación Canal e IE Business School lanzán la 2ª edición de Comprometi2.0 un concurso dirigido a alumnos universitarios de último curso o recién licenciados con mentalidad emprendedora que busca hacer realidad sus ideas. Con esta ambiciosa iniciativa se quiere dar a los jóvenes emprendedores la oportunidad y las facilidades para que puedan convertir su idea en un proyecto empresarial, además de promover el trabajo en equipo, la competitividad, la calidad, la excelencia, y reforzar su compromiso con la sociedad, reconociendo y premiando el talento y las buenas ideas de los emprendedores más jóvenes.

Buscamos ideas que puedan convertirse en nuevos modelos de negocio, que solucionen necesidades existentes, innovadoras, valorándose especialmente las relacionadas con las nuevas tecnologías, que tengan potencial de crecimiento y que puedan llevarse a cabo.

La mecánica es sencilla: el plazo de recepción de ideas se abrirá durante el mes de octubre, los participantes presentan sus ideas y se inscriben rellenando el formulario de COMPROMETI2.0 que encontrarán en la web: http://www.fundacioncanal.com  . Un comité de selección elegirá las 19 mejores ideas presentadas y además habrá una idea que será elegida por votación popular. Las 20 ideas seleccionadas participarán en un apasionante SMART WEEKEND en donde aprenderán de la mano de los mejores expertos como mejorarla, a trabajar en equipo y a presentarla de forma profesional. Comprometi2_ImpactWekeend

¿QUÉ ES EL SMART WEEKEND? Durante un intenso y divertido fin de semana, los 20 seleccionados se organizarán en equipos y trabajarán mejorando sus ideas para convertirlas en proyectos finalistas. Para ello contarán con la ayuda de expertos en emprendimiento de IE Business School. Los 5 equipos finalistas tendrán 2 meses para desarrollar en profundidad sus proyectos. Contarán con la asesoría y guía de mentores y de expertos en emprendimiento, y con las instalaciones y recursos adecuados para llevar a cabo el trabajo, tanto en Area31 (incubadora de IE Business School), como en otras instalaciones. Del Smart Weekend saldrán 5 equipos de 2 personas cada uno. Cada equipo participará con 1 proyecto en la gran final de COMPROMETI2.0. Los 5 equipos finalistas deberán defender su proyecto ante el jurado, que elegirá un único proyecto ganador. Ambos componentes del equipo ganador obtendrá como premio una beca 100 % para el Master in Management de IE Business School, 5º del mundo según el Financial Times 2013.

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Venture Network Weeklies

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Online Education for Professionals

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a post by Fernando Dal Re, cofounder of Pupilum*

Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Education is mandatory for the first few years of our lives, and then it is not uncommon to keep on studying until your mid twenties. After that, we spend around forty years working, where learning happens, at its best, on the job. Yet science and technology are continuously evolving and demand us new skills and abilities to meet with the requirements that these innovations carry with them.

¿But how can we update our knowledge if we spend most part of our days, and lives, working?

First, we must reckon that education is something we need to keep working on continuously, and then, we have to find the time for it to happen and a solution that fits in our demanding schedules.

Online Education is a great solution for that problem. With online education you can study wherever you are, whenever fits best for you, at your own pace, and even at a fraction of the cost of traditional offline education. It is true however, that online education is still behind traditional offline education in many aspects, but it is true too, that new technology is helping close the gap at a fast rate.

As a symptom of this, in 2014, global Ed Tech financing has reached at peak. Now you can learn design, web development or photography for as little as 25$ a month with Lynda.com, attend online classes from World’s top universities for free at Coursera.org, subscribe to a year long course of English for just 20€ at Busuu.com or land a job at the best companies in Silicon Valley by completing one of their courses at Udacity.com.

You only need to decide what you want to learn, devote some time a week for learning and invest little money compared to what you will obtain from it.

A path to follow: Continuing Medical Education

The fields of medicine and science never stop moving forward, and neither do health care professionals. In fact, doctors know that what they learn at university only accounts for 2% of the knowledge they use in their clinical practice throughout their careers. As for the other 98%, they must learn it on a continuous basis.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is the tool doctors and other healthcare professionals use in order to stay up to date in their specialties.

A recent poll conducted by Neomed to more than 2.000 doctors in Spain showed that, on average, doctors spend over 120 hours of their time a year completing CME courses. And there was no relevant distinction in the time invested by doctors in their thirties to doctors in their fifties. Doctors are the perfect example of lifelong learners.

But just like any other professional, doctors have demanding schedules that allow little spare time within the job to devote to learning. They are used to invest their free time, usually from their weekends, to assist to courses held in hospitals and congresses that, in most occasions, are out from their hometowns. The majority of the CME courses available today are still being held offline, which makes them expensive and time consuming. This is a real pain for doctors, professionals that are busier than ever, splitting their time among work, family and Continuing Medical Education.

At Pupilum, we are offering online CME courses that enable doctors to study at their own pace, whenever they want and wherever they are. We partner with top notch medical teams to deliver courses in cardiology, pediatrics, psychiatry, dermatology, allergology and infectious diseases within many others. All our courses have official accreditation, which makes them accountable for the professional development of our students. If you think of doctors as the perfect example of lifelong learners, we want Pupilum to be their first choice when looking to update their medical education.

Final thoughts

At a time when youth unemployment is at its peak, and the skills that new jobs demand are many times not met by the skills most people have, continuing education is the most powerful tool we have to make an impact and advance in our careers. Where pressing schedules and scarce resources try to distract us from gaining new knowledge, online education offers a perfect solution to both problems. It is now easier and cheaper than ever to update our education and become lifelong learners. If you don’t trust me…ask your doctor.

*Fernando Dal Re is cofounder of Pupilum, an elearning platform for doctors launched in Spain in 2013. Incubated in IE’s Area31 Accelerator, and the winner of IE’s Venture Day in Madrid on May 2014, Pupilum has already delivered courses to more than two thousand doctors in Spain and Latin America.



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