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Savelist is the place where you can save all the products that you like in one place. It is designed to work for any possible shop that you may think of. Whenever you want to save something for later, you can just save it on Savelist. Have you ever found any product that you loved, but you wanted to wait to buy it? Have you discovered any cool products that you want for your birthday or Christmas? Keep them on Savelist and create lists full of ideas for presents!

Area 31 interviewed Nami Hashimoto and Rodrigo Fernandez, two founders of Savelist, a platform that allows people to save products for free, on mobile and desktop, when browsing through the Internet, so that users can buy those products later. They started in 2015, and the platform now counts with users in around 80 countries. They are based in Madrid in Area 31, but they could really be anywhere. They were planning to go to the US, but the biggest markets in which they are still expanding are Spain, Japan and the US.

“At Savelist we are changing the way people shop online because we think that the shopping experience can be made much easier.”

According to the founders, online shopping has just started and there is still room for development. Their ultimate goal is to make online shopping easier not just for the buyers but also for the sellers.

Savelist works as the typical Wishlist: you can be browsing thorugh any store, you find something that you may be interested in, so you click and share to Savelist and save all products that you have liked together in one place. Savelist saves the URL of the webpage of the product, therefore it works in a very similar way to a bookmark. When you add something to Savelist, the platforms gets the URL of this product; so for instance you can always see the price updated. When you decide that you want to buy it, Savelist’s link redirects you to the original page where you saved it from. The great thing about Savelist, is that it does not require any type of integration on the side of the sellers.

“We know each other because we were studying pre master in Business in California, where we were classmates. We enjoyed talking about innovation, technology and about where the future was heading.” 

After studying in the US, Nami went back to Japan and came to Spain to learn Spanish. She started working for a ticketing startup. At that time, Rodrigo was working as an IT consultant for large firms such as Telefonica or Repsol. 

“We came up with the idea during the Summer Sales in which we were browsing a lot, checking the same products every day to see if there were changes in prices… so we observed that there was a strong pain in that sense for online buyers. We believe information is not transparent for buyers, because most large sellers such as Amazon have all these algorithms that allow them to sell better. So we decided that we wanted to improve the user experience for the side of the buyers.”

There is some competition in the US, but there are platforms that have agreements with certain brands, but they are not as open as Savelist, as it allows you to save a product from any possible store and that is what differentiates them.

“It is true that we are just starting and that we are at the tip of the iceberg, and we are seeing now how can we expand our business. We realized for instance that the products that people save, tell us a lot about themselves, their preferences… and that we can learn their shopping behavior and help them discover great products that they care about. We are working on additional features, such as one that allows you to share your lists publicly on Savelist and other sites; like Facebook, Youtube, or blogging sites. It enables others to discover a topic-related lists and products curated by users. At the moment lists are private by default, and you can invite your friends to collaborate.”  The next stage would be to make the shopping process shorter, allowing users at some point to buy a product directly through Savelist.

As entrepreneurs  Rodrigo says: “The main lesson I have learnt is that I knew it was going to be hard, but in fact, is a million times harder than I expected.” Whereas for Nami: “I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t worry so much or be scared about making mistakes – I think you just have to go and do it, and then learn from it. If I do not take action you end up not doing anything at all.”



Agenda IE Venture Network Weeklies, March 16th 2017

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Lessons from my Startup Journey

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Agenda Social Venture Network, March 9th 2017

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Agenda IE Venture Network Weeklies, March 2nd 2017

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Premio ESA BIC Madrid Region para Canard Drones

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CANARD Drones, the two award winner at IE Venture Day 2016 for best project and best alumni project, received on Feb 23rd the ESA BIC Madrid Region prize, awarded by the European Space Agency managing director Jan Wörner, and the President of the Community of Madrid Cristina Cifuentes. CANARD Drones provides calibration of aeronautical Navigational Aids in airports using self-guided drones, instead of manned aircraft.



CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Venture Lab 2017 (April-July)

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We are now accepting applications from teams interested in applying to the next Venture Lab Accelerator, which will take place between April 18 and July 6, 2017.  Please go to this link for more information: http://bit.ly/2mlc7Hl


16 de marzo a las 13:00h
IE Business School, C/Serrano 99, aula S-201
Web de registro: clubs.ie.edu
La entrada incluye el almuerzo

Tenemos la suerte de poder contar con María Benjumea, Presidenta y Fundadora de Spain StartUp-South Summit. María ha logrado con este proyecto, recopilar el talento más significativo del Sur de Europa y Latinoamérica, y conectarles con los mayores inversores de la región. En menos de 4 años, South Summit se ha convertido en un acontecimiento de Startups referente en Europa y conocido a nivel mundial.


  • 13,00h-13,20h: María Benjumea: trayectoria profesional y experiencias
  • 13,20h-14,00h: Coloquio entre el ponente y los asistentes
  • 14,00h-15,00h: Almuerzo. Los asistentes tendrán la oportunidad de conocer y charlar en un ambiente distendido con otros Alumni en las mesas mientras sirven la comida.

iFeelonline.com: Epitomizing Entrepreneurship @ IE

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How it all began: the MBA experience
I enrolled in my IMBA with the clear aim of starting something impactful with some like-minded peers; at the end I specifically decided to choose IE for its focus on entrepreneurship. I was lucky enough to find my two great co-founders within my very same IMBA section. We started the program together in April 2015; at that point we were just three friends – an Italian, a Mexican and an Israeli – who got along naturally together. We decided to team up together as we all joined the first “edition” of the Start-up Lab. Looking back that was one of the wisest decisions we could have taken. The Lab period was an extremely intense and formative period for us. At the end of the Start-up Lab we were awarded the Best Team Prize. We thought this could only be a good sign, therefore we decided to carry on with our project. During our fourth and last term of the MBA – the electives’ period – we successfully enrolled into the Venture Lab. There we had the chance to further develop our idea, leveraging on one side the knowledge and skills we were acquiring throughout the classes and on the other the support that the IE ecosystem was providing us through mentors, networking and tailored workshops. As a result we got accepted to compete at the IE Venture Day where we were awarded the best MBA project.

Making it Real: “Welcome to the Jungle”
The Venture Day essentially coincided with the end of our MBA. The experience and achievements gained during this period further motivated us to move beyond and bring our project to life. That is when ifeel was officially born. I have found the transition between school project and real business to be one of the most delicate processes. This is when you go from drafting your business canvas to actually putting it in place, from defining your value proposition to actually selling it to your stakeholders, from recognizing your values and motivations to actually instilling them in your employees. It is a long process that can take – especially for first-time entrepreneurs – several months, because of the infinite challenges that you will be experiencing in the day-to-day and that no school book will really teach you how to overcome.

Doing it our Way: ifeelonline.com
The upside of the process is that, if you work hard enough and with persistence, you will have the rare privilege of being able to create something that matters. At the end, this is what we wanted when we started ifeelonline.com: create something that matters, to us and to our customers. Our idea is simple: to give mental health the importance it really deserves in our society. And the necessary step to achieve this is by democratizing and making mental health treatments more accessible. That is why we offer access to professional psychological services in a more modern and affordable way, a way that better reflects how we live our lives and emotions today. It takes less than a minute for our customers to get from the registration on the website to the moment they start chatting with a licensed psychologist. By doing so, we have been honored to help the lives of many by working with an outstanding community of therapists that helped us out in turning our vision into a solid reality. A lot of things have changed in a very short amount of time. Today, less than one year after we finished our MBA, we moved into our very own office and are screening applications of candidates who are willing to join the team on our mission.

Looking For(back)wards: Note to Self
If I could single out a crucial lesson out of our whole experience so far, I would definitely mention the importance of having the right people onboard – with you and around you. In the end, nothing but great people make great companies. First of all you want to have great people with you because starting your company is an intense rollercoaster; therefore, you want to make sure you have the best company next to you during both the ups and the downs of the ride. Leveraging on the strong ethical values we believe in as a team and exploiting our cultural, professional and emotional diversity has always been one of our strongest assets. But, also, you want to be surrounded by the right people. They are not necessarily the most experienced or successful ones, but instead those who are more willing to share, support and advise you during the different stages of the company evolution. We have been fortunate enough to have around friends, colleagues, professors, mentors and especially investors who have always been there for us when needed and I am sure this will also be a crucial factor for our success in the future.

Amir Kaplan
IE IMBA 2016 alumnus
Co-founder & CEO


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