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Bhive Goes to Startup Chile!

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Bhive Goes to Startup Chile!

2016 has been a different year to say the least.
We finally realized corruption is eating society inside out (and not only in developing countries…) and learned internet can send information (good and bad, real and fake) virtually anywhere in the globe. We have had many awful terrorist attacks, and worrying signals from global leaders, such as Brexit and Trump’s election while we are still trying to figure out what is happening in Syria… And let’s not talk about arts, culture or music, too many geniuses decided to leave us.
But I digress.
2016 was also a good year for many of us in many different ways, and it is important to acknowledge that as well.
For bhive and our team, it was a year of learning and expansion. We have settled down in Colombia straight out of Venture Lab, adjusted our model to Latin America’s reality and expanded to Brazil and Argentina, as part of our regional strategy (but also by request of clients).
2016 was a year of working magic with our small budget, saying no to clients for the first time, and figuring out what customer service really means. And oh, user experience would deserve a separate chapter in the future. But it was also a year we found our newest partner, attracted important clients, attention from the media and started getting random calls from investors. Finally, the year ended up with a good surprise: we got into Startup Chile, arguably the most renowned government program to foster entrepreneurship in Latin America. The grant and “seal” of the program will empower us to start operations in Chile, and later on Peru, expanding our network in Latin America and offering more and better talent to companies that operate in the region.
2017 looks very promising and will certainly be full of challenges, but the opportunities are there for those who are prepared. And IE and its entrepreneurial spirit have certainly prepared us for a lot!
Personally, I continue to be available for every entrepreneur in Venture Lab, should they need advice or just comforting words that, yes, it is worth it.
We hope it is a year of great achievements for all IMBA Alumni, especially those who have chosen to follow this path. #IEBusinessSchool #Entrepreneur #VentureLab
Leonardo Marchant (IMBA Apr14)
CEO of 


Venture Network Tenerife, Jueves 9 de Febrero

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Announcing the Selected Teams for the 9th Edition of IE¹s Startup Incubator in Area 31

The entrepreneurial spirit of IE Alumni continues to blow our minds! Year after year, intake after intake, the number and quality of the applications to IE¹s Incubator in Area 31 continues to rise. Congratulations to all applicants for making the selection committee¹s job extremely difficult! Thank you very much to the entrepreneurs and mentors who have volunteered to participate in this selection committee. You are instrumental in making this thorough and rigorous selection process possible. You all rock!

We¹re glad to announce the teams selected to join the 9th edition of IE Business School¹s Incubator in Area 31 are the following:

They will be joined by selected teams from the eighth edition who, due to their achievements during their time in Area 31 and commitment to creating a strong network within Area 31, have been granted another 6 month stay in the incubator. These top teams are:



Agenda IE Venture Network Weeklies, December 15th 2016

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Meet Area 31 Entrenarme, a platform that aims to facilitate the channels through which its users can find and choose the personal trainers and gyms that suit them best in order to stay or get in shape. Area 31 interviewed its CEO, Diego Moya.



How did everything start? What’s the story behind the idea? Has the concept evolved since your first idea? We have been related to sports all our life. We saw a gap in the sector where trainers don’t know how to get clients and clients don’t know how to look for the best advisor to exercise well. The first idea was hiring trainers and charging a commission but we saw an opportunity in the creation of a marketplace to manage thousands of trainers at the same time.

What is your business model? The use of the platform is free for users who look for personal training. The trainers are the ones who pay a monthly flat fee.



What is unique about your business, and different from your competitors? Our competitors are focused in children and/or other sports. We have trainers in every sport but we focus our communication in fitness and running. Further more, we got the key of empowering our users to promote our platform as ambassadors.

What were some of the biggest lessons that has impacted the way that you work? One day an investor taught me the biggest lesson I’ve learnt. Everything must be done following a strategy, not an opportunity. From that day, everything we perform follows our roadmap.

Do you intend to expand soon? Yes, we are currently in Spain and Chile but we will expand to UK soon.
What was your biggest mistake? Our biggest mistakes have been hiring too fast when we didn’t have too. Luckily, it has not affected to the growth of the company.

What was unexpected? I could never imagine that users who want to be promoted in a website, don’t complete their profiles. It is always the biggest challenge for a marketplace.

What would you have done differently? We started too soon, maybe one year before the market was ready for us. I would have waited one year if I had to start again.

What are the most important features to have in order to become an entrepreneur? I think that resilience (getting used to have NOs) and contacts are two key factors in the first months/years of an entrepreneurial experience. Of course you need more than that, but you will need this two.

If you had one piece of advice for someone that is just starting what would it be? Be patient, focus and believe that your project can change many people’s lifes, because it is the way to keep working hard and get everything you want.

If you could time travel back to day one of your startup and have 15min with your former self to communicate any lessons you’ve acquired with the intention of saving yourself mistakes and heartache, what would you tell yourself? I would try to learn how to plan and create a high quality roadmap. It happens that entrepreneurs don’t have a real plan when they start.unnamed-1

What is the thing that motivates you the most about your project? This project is my life. I’ve been involved on Sports since I was a child and really believe in that personal training is the key to success in any sport, either to improve your quality of life, or reach the next level in your favourite sport.



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Hackity App, the application that gives users the ability to “Reimagine their cities” by allowing them to propose ideas and solutions while creating a community to collaborate with your neighbors and take action, has launched a new version.  This new version is made with Drupal 8, open source technology. This tech is used by Tesla or the White House. Besides, they have included new categories in the app like urban equipment, cleaning, mobility, green areas, neighborhood life; as well as implementing new improvements of usability and geolocation. See more in their Facebook page




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8go4allwArea 31 interviewed Prior’s CEO, Bernardo Reynolds, who told us how they came up with the idea for their startup and where is Prior heading at the moment. Prior is an app that allows users to order and pay before getting to the restaurant, cafeteria or any venue.  You can make your order from your phone, and skip the queue in your favourite venues. You do not have to go to the bar and order or pay, and that’s their competitive advantage. At the moment they are two founders (Bernardo and Andu) that worked previously at Tuenti, and they just hired a salesperson that works on attracting new food chains. Moroever, they had an intern last summer who was in charge of marketing, social media and worked part of his time on client acquisition. They are looking for a new intern to join their team.



“We came up with the idea of Prior, because we were tired of waiting in queues  because no one enjoys waiting in a line to order a coffee. We started speaking with potential clients and we realized that our idea was not only valuable to the people waiting to order for a cooffee, but also to those businesses that constantly see large queues in their venues. The reason for this is that businesses can lose money when people get tired of waiting in long and slow queus. After getting funding and four months later, we started with DO EAT! at IE Campus. That was a year ago and we were having 200 order a month, today we have around 700 a month and not just with DO EAT!. We have incorporated other businesses: Cultura Café, Si-Cool, and Cafeteando. Our main goal at the moment is to acquire food chains to use our app for orders and payments online. In the end we compete with developing agencies. Say for instance the agency that developed the order and payment app for Vips for Starbucks in Spain.”


The way Prior works for businesses: depending on the chain with whom they work, they can choose to be charged a small commission per order or in case they want the app to be incorporated into the chain’s own app so that they can show their brand, it works thorugh a suscription.




“As an entrepreneur, I believe that the most challenging thing is the uncertainty that you constantly face, because you do not really know if things will eventually come out. What you really need to have in mind is that what you are doing is solving a problem and a problem that directly affects you and that you are interested to solve. Because this is what will make you keep going forward when thinks do not work out.”


Madrid, 24 Noviembre, 2016.

Tess de Gregorio


Agenda IE Venture Network Weeklies Madrid, November 24th 2016

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SWAN: Innovative, Optimized, Water Solutions

“In Swan Water Solutions we are working to apply innovative and optimize solutions in water usage for urban green areas and sustainable efficiency in agricultural production.”

The company promotes sustainability and water and energy saving. For this, they use capillary irrigation, which is the next generation in irrigation.captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-17-a-las-1-35-22

Swan Water Solutions and Kabel have developed the Project of Smart Spaces in their Madrid Offices. In order to start it up, they have created what they call the 4Ps (People, Process, Platforms & Places). In respect with Places, they have identified that in multiple ocasions the necessary transformation of busines models requieres changes in the culture, which can at the same time be accelerated by changes in the physicla environment.


In Kabel it is thought that the space barriers are being diluted as a result of the irruption of factors such as globalization and technology in our lives and in particular in companies. As examples we see that we no longer have to buy in a physical store, nor do we make a banking transaction in a branch, we do not even need to travel to “feel” an experience, nor go to the office to have a meeting or to collaborate with other colleagues … The Freedom that Telework confers to workers increases their productivity and allows them to better conciliate work-life balance. This favors at the same time motivation and loyalty of talent. With this in mind, it would be interesting to prmote new forms of structuring and understanding the design of office, focusing on creativity and collaboration between people and mental concentration. In particular, in Kabel, what has been implemented is a policy of teleworking that reserves its offices in Madrid as a place of exchange, inspiration and co-creation for its employees, partners and customers.


On the other hand, SWAN WATER SOLUTIONS, together with the company CLACISA have created gardens in within these offices with various objectives: purify the indoor air, reduce the effect of the sick building, improve people’s quality of life by incrasing their productivity and contribute to meet current Green building certifications and Sustainable Cities. The idea of creating Green spaces inside the offices has come from the KABEL company itself. According to Tomás: “In Kabel we believe in the potential that technology the potential to improve people’s lives. We know that our main asset is our consultants and we believe that Platforms, Processes and Spaces have to be placed at your service to achieve the maximum development of the individual and group potential. Moreover,we believe that there is an opportunity for technology to be used for the intelligent management of buildings and spaces. It is for taht reason, that we have decided to integrate technology into the management of the landscaping of our new offices by monitoring and optimizing the necessary resources. The question is “Why an orchard and plants?” Well, the idea is that people who may need to spend the day inside the offices can relax by viewing an orchard or playing the table football. The integration of natural spaces can promote creativity, and this is a new way of working. On the other hand, our company only offers in its portfolio those solutions that have been experience previously.captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-17-a-las-1-34-57

Swan Water Solutions that develeops landscaping projects inside offices, by managing the integration of appropriate plants for each different location. The company uses certain systems that allow its correct development which at the same time do not require expensive maintenance work. Planters and pots of design, vertical or hanging gardens are integrated into the spaces improving in this manner the decoration of offices, the internal environment, health, productivity and the well-being of people. Developing our working life in a natural environment is not a luxury, it is a necessity.



Agenda IE Venture Network Weeklies, November 17th 2016

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