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Agenda IE Venture Network, May 4th 2017

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Agenda IE Venture Network, April 27th 2016

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Area 31 interviewed Sergio Puyol, Environmental Director or one of our startups: Recycl3er. He told us his story:

  • How did everything start?

About 5 years ago, we found that citizens demanded more and better information regarding recycling. In Spain, there are several public administrations responsible for waste management. The public information offered to citizens on recycling is segregated and is not easily accessible nor complete, which makes it difficult for them to properly recycle.

The lack of clear and complete information is the main reason why we decided to develop “” web platform to provide a uniform system with recycling information in a single site, to be able to recycle correctly. Consumers can access to the information in an easy, simple and understandable way for everyone.

“No matter what residue you have, no matter where you are or how you want to manage it (deposit, sell or donate), we give you the solution in 3 simple clicks “

From this initial idea, we evolved to what recycl3R is today, a recycling inform
ation hub, which allows companies to introduce any type of product in the market, obtain valuable information related to the consumption of their products by citizens.

This is achieved through the Internet of Things (IOT) and smart tags, which allow us to give information to the user on how to easily manage waste and reward them doing so properly with a series of incentives. As a result, this will enable to inform the producer of how and when their products are consumed by citizens.

  • What is your business model?

We use a white label system so our clients can get a medal for providing our services. We charge all our clients with an annual license, and, for those clients who want to control the unit level via IOT, we charge them with a cost per call.

This call can be a product scan or a request for product or recycling information.

  • Has the concept evolved since your first idea?

Yes. We started by offering only information on how to properly recycle and now, we have started a service to obtain valuable information associated with recycling. We can tell companies information on who throws a product in the market and how it is being consumed by its clients.

  • What is unique about your business, and different from your competitors?

At the moment, we do not have direct competitors. No one is offering our same services. There are other platforms that inform consumers on how to manage waste correctly, especially from public administrations, but none give information on all the different types of waste which can be recycled or collected nor use a user-friendly platform, where you can easily access and obtain information from a simple way.

In addition to that, none offers a service of obtaining information of consumption by the citizens nor offer an App service to be easily accessed with mobile phones.

  • How did you get funded or what creative strategies did you use to execute on minimal cash flow?

Recycl3R is a project that was born by an environmental consultancy firm called Lmental from Mallorca. The start-up was made with our own resources initially, although we are currently searching for external financing to be able to grow.

  • What is the thing that motivates you the most about your project?

What most motivates us most is the care of the environment. Putting in the market a tool that allows to increase the possibilities of people recycling more and better, will enable us to contribute towards improving the current environment state as far as we can.

  • What was your biggest mistake?

We did not listen our clients in the first place. We expended a lot of time and efforts creating an amazing product that everyone was interested on, but no one wanted to buy it. After this cruel reality, we changed our product and adapted it to our client needs and delivered solutions we already knew they wanted.

  • What would you have done differently?

Managing the team expectations. When you are building something amazing, and that’s why you begin a start-up, everyone is very happy and has a lot of hope and expectations. Every time the team finds an obstacle these expectations change and if you have many obstacles the team begins to have negative sensations. I would have changed how the information was delivered to the team, how every message regarding the start-up path was delivered, and the one I most care, I would talk a lot with all the team all the time about how do they feel about their work and their future.

  • Do you always thought that you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

Recycl3R’s team was created from the union of different environmentally dedicated entrepreneurs. We are people with many concerns and have always been involved in innovative projects to challenges ourselves, enriching experiences, and that brings social and environmental value.

  • In one word describe your life being an entrepreneur:


  • If you had one piece of advice for someone that is just starting what would it be?

Surround yourself with good professional profiles, but above all, with good people.

  • If you could time travel back to day one of your startup and have 15min with your former self to communicate any lessons you’ve acquired with the intention of saving yourself mistakes and heartache, what would you tell yourself?

Learn to Manage Expectations Correctly


Agenda IE Venture Network Weeklies, April 6th 2017

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CHHAYA MADRID, #builtbyladies

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CHHAYA Madrid is a fashion brand at Area 31 that stands for sustainable fashion and fair trade. We design and manufacture handcrafted Indian clothing and accessories. All CHHAYA products are embroidered and stitched by hand, every item exceptional in itself.

Our story: 

We discovered Jootis 2 years ago on an unforgettable and fascinating trip to India, and felt the desire to bring the magic of the Indian culture back to Europe. The best way of doing that, was in the form of these unique handcrafted shoes and handbags.
The only thing missing was a great team. The three of us have been friends for a long time, we always shared the same passion and therefor  decided to realise our visions. Anubhav, expert in logistics and supply chain management has joined the team recently.
Lucia and Felicitas are based out of Madrid, where the company’s HQ is located and where designs  process is taking place. Sreetama and Anubhav, our operation managers, are based out of India, supervising the supply chain and closely working together with our artisans and suppliers, in order to assure and guarantee that at our production facilities, quality and ethical standards are always met. 

CHHAYA Jooti Collection: 

CHHAYA Jootis are ethically sourced and handcrafted, with focus on high quality, comfort and style. Jooti making is a century old craftsmanship which is passed on from one generation to the other. Artisans dedicate their creative energy in stitching each pair and embroidering them with their own hands. Our goal is to relive and introduce this unique art to the western market and help Jooti-artisans in India continue practicing this exceptional profession. Our craftsmen are using exclusively high quality leather and materials for the manufacturing process of CHHAYA Jootis.

Women for women – Exclusive Handbag Line

Our CHHAYA handbag line is a tribute to all brave women in the world. 
Our designs follow the roots of the versatile ethnic Indian embroidery styles. All CHHAYA bags are embroidered and stitched by hand, every item exceptional in itself. We exclusively use fairly sourced and high quality fabrics and materials. Every bag features elaborated embroidery and sophisticated processing.
Being passionate female entrepreneurs, we want to enable and support women in India to discover and nourish their potential and to build their own future. The CHHAYA handbag line ‘WomenforWomen’ is therefore processed and embroidered at workshops, run my female entrepreneurial tailors.
CHHAYA bags are handcrafted by brave women for brave women, who are ready to express themselves and make changes together.
Our Mission: 
We believe that fashion is more than just following trends. It is about self-expression and making a statement. Our goal is to bring handcrafted fashion products back to our daily wardrobe. We want to relive the magic and power of craftsmanship and value the exceptional work of traditional artisans.
At CHHAYA we honor the people who create beautiful clothing and accessories out of natural resources. Our priority is to unite the creation of long living products with the esteem of our workers and environmental rights. Our objective is to ensure and guarantee sustainability throughout our entire supply chain. We want to open everybody’s eyes and hearts to the idea that everything we wear was touched by human hands and that every item we purchase has personal stories attached to them. We want to encourage people to ask themselves: where do our clothes come from?

Real Estate Tech Venture Network

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Apply to IE’s Incubator in Area 31!

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Agenda IE Venture Network Weeklies, March 23rd 2017

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Savelist is the place where you can save all the products that you like in one place. It is designed to work for any possible shop that you may think of. Whenever you want to save something for later, you can just save it on Savelist. Have you ever found any product that you loved, but you wanted to wait to buy it? Have you discovered any cool products that you want for your birthday or Christmas? Keep them on Savelist and create lists full of ideas for presents!

Area 31 interviewed Nami Hashimoto and Rodrigo Fernandez, two founders of Savelist, a platform that allows people to save products for free, on mobile and desktop, when browsing through the Internet, so that users can buy those products later. They started in 2015, and the platform now counts with users in around 80 countries. They are based in Madrid in Area 31, but they could really be anywhere. They were planning to go to the US, but the biggest markets in which they are still expanding are Spain, Japan and the US.

“At Savelist we are changing the way people shop online because we think that the shopping experience can be made much easier.”

According to the founders, online shopping has just started and there is still room for development. Their ultimate goal is to make online shopping easier not just for the buyers but also for the sellers.

Savelist works as the typical Wishlist: you can be browsing thorugh any store, you find something that you may be interested in, so you click and share to Savelist and save all products that you have liked together in one place. Savelist saves the URL of the webpage of the product, therefore it works in a very similar way to a bookmark. When you add something to Savelist, the platforms gets the URL of this product; so for instance you can always see the price updated. When you decide that you want to buy it, Savelist’s link redirects you to the original page where you saved it from. The great thing about Savelist, is that it does not require any type of integration on the side of the sellers.

“We know each other because we were studying pre master in Business in California, where we were classmates. We enjoyed talking about innovation, technology and about where the future was heading.” 

After studying in the US, Nami went back to Japan and came to Spain to learn Spanish. She started working for a ticketing startup. At that time, Rodrigo was working as an IT consultant for large firms such as Telefonica or Repsol. 

“We came up with the idea during the Summer Sales in which we were browsing a lot, checking the same products every day to see if there were changes in prices… so we observed that there was a strong pain in that sense for online buyers. We believe information is not transparent for buyers, because most large sellers such as Amazon have all these algorithms that allow them to sell better. So we decided that we wanted to improve the user experience for the side of the buyers.”

There is some competition in the US, but there are platforms that have agreements with certain brands, but they are not as open as Savelist, as it allows you to save a product from any possible store and that is what differentiates them.

“It is true that we are just starting and that we are at the tip of the iceberg, and we are seeing now how can we expand our business. We realized for instance that the products that people save, tell us a lot about themselves, their preferences… and that we can learn their shopping behavior and help them discover great products that they care about. We are working on additional features, such as one that allows you to share your lists publicly on Savelist and other sites; like Facebook, Youtube, or blogging sites. It enables others to discover a topic-related lists and products curated by users. At the moment lists are private by default, and you can invite your friends to collaborate.”  The next stage would be to make the shopping process shorter, allowing users at some point to buy a product directly through Savelist.

As entrepreneurs  Rodrigo says: “The main lesson I have learnt is that I knew it was going to be hard, but in fact, is a million times harder than I expected.” Whereas for Nami: “I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t worry so much or be scared about making mistakes – I think you just have to go and do it, and then learn from it. If I do not take action you end up not doing anything at all.”



Agenda IE Venture Network Weeklies, March 16th 2017

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