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Discover Instant Karma, an unique digital platform which allows volunteers to find the jobs they want, and NGOs to find the people they need and the best way to leverage the right expertise and strongest interests.  The organization allows you to create and search for projects for a various of causes. Learn more about them by watching the interview to its CEO.


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Agenda IE Venture Network Weeklies Madrid, September 22nd 2016

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Area 31 Startup HomyHub: DOORS TO LONDON

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HomyHub, one of Area 31 Startups that allows you to open, monitor and share your garage door from your smartphone through a smart device, was selected as one of the 21 finalists at Startupbootcamp Headquarters in London. HomyHub’s team tells Area 31 its story: 

“It all started with 425 online applications and one day when a mail arrives stating that: “Your startup has been selected for the final 21 pitches at the Startupbootcamp (SBC) Headquarters, London”. The aura of the HomyHub’s team room was filled with joy and there was a glitter of gratification in everyone’s eyes .

7th July, the stage was set and the top 21 startups around the globe emerged to take part in this intriguing event. Startupbootcamp London’s headquarter was filled with entrepreneurs, wanting a boost in their path and be in the top 10 position. Two intense, mind throbbing days with 60 mentors, 21 teams and 5 Startupbootcamp directors, the event kicked off at 9:30 am with a pleasing breakfast .

The final selection was focused on startups who have shown their commitment and hard work in the field of IoT and Connected devices. In the past few years, internet and its amalgam with almost all the devices around us has changed everyone’s lifestyle. Hence, all the startups were focused on this particular meadow of technology .

Scared yet still, excited yet calm and proud yet composed. All the members of HomyHub were ready for their 3 minutes pitch and two days of discussion with all the mentors. Who were going to test their commitment, zeal, enthusiasm, hard work and sincerity towards their startup and showcase them with a path for the future .Their product was HomyHub GARAGE, a solution to automate garage door openers. All you need is a HomyHub’s mobile application and a device to spare yourself from those clingy remotes and rely just on a tap of your finger .

As that can be justified by Matt Cooling  – (Business Development Mngr. for Cisco UK) remark,

“Impressed by the HomyHub’s team and product, think they have a great opportunity ahead of them and I look forward to seeing them take their product to market”

A great product with an unique selling proposition, a well balanced team, a good business approach and abundance of hard work. All these led to the success of HomyHub and making them secure the top 10 position at the Startupbootcamp finals, with cheers and applaud from each and every member present in the room. With this, the doors to future of HomyHub widened with bright light .The success was intensified when Francois Mazoudier – CEO of Tech Leaders Capital personally stated the team saying that ,

“these guys have a clear solution, simple and well laid out user value proposition and need remarkably little resources to achieve their stated goals”.

To boost the workflow of the startup, SBC will be providing three  months of acceleration time in London and access to their Rapid Prototyping Lab . Also with fifteen thousand euros of initial investment, almost one million euros in services and continuous support of SBC mentors and partners for more future investments and clients . All these were going to act as a catalyst in the success of HomyHub and their team . But the real pleasure or the feel of success is justified when another participating team member sparks the following comment:

“Now I want to buy a house with garage , just so that I can use a HomyHub GARAGE, love the product” –Vince Cifani Joyride Co-Founder and another SBC finalist.”
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Venture Network Final

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On July 12, Area 31 hosted the Venture Network Final. Sascha Badelt, CEO of FastTrack and a serial entrepreneur, investor, and mentor, delivered the keynote speech and set the stage for pitches from the four Venture Network finalists. The top four startups chosen from this year’s Venture Networks held throughout Spain were: Glamping Hub, an online booking platform for unique outdoor accommodations known as glamorous camping, or “glamping;” Viwomail, which enables customers to embed video in their email marketing campaigns and allows recipients to view video within the body of an email; Biome Makers, a team who applies biotechnology to the winemaking industry; and SocialVane who use Big Data to provide industry intelligence to the tourism sector.

Special congratulations to the winner of this year’s Venture Network Final: Viwomail!

The Venture Networks are mini-pitch events that IE hosts across Spain in partnership with the Banco Sabadell’s program, BStartup. Over the course of the 2015-16 year, ten Venture Networks were held in such cities as Málaga, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid, and others. Venture Networks are also held in English weekly in IE Business School’s Area 31, which is its coworking space for startups in its Incubator and Accelerator programs.



Congratulations Venture Day Madrid Winners!

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Ten Venture Lab finalist teams presented their startups to investors and the public at the July 6 edition of Venture Day Madrid. 9 of the 10 Venture Day finalists were from the IMBA program, and one finalist was from an IE alumnus.

IMBA teams swept this Venture Day’s prize ceremony with vGrounds winning First Prize, Patent E.L.F. taking Second Prize, and J-Lips earning Third Prize.

Click the links below to learn more about the three winning startups!

First Prize:  vGrounds with Maximilian von Hoyningen, Katharina Sommerkamp, Francois Furlan, Joeri Winkelmolen.vGrounds 1st prize

Second Prize: Patent E.L.F. with Niccolo Bacchi, Finbar Fowler and Hanane el Khouri.

Patent ELF 2nd Prize

Third Prize: J-Lips with Juliet Lippman, Caraline Pellat and Ewelina Krzyzanowska.

J-Lips 3rd prize



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Meet IE Webshow Startup: Milingual

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Can you imagine bringing to Madrid the experience of living in London without making the sacrifice of leaving your job, your friends and your family behind, while getting a full immersion in the language? This is what Milingual offers:  “We don’t teach you English, we give you the opportunity to live the language in your own city”.

Milingual is an online community of people interested in languages. Some are teachers, others are learners. Many are both. They organize social events in trendy venues in Madrid, like meetings at pubscinema nights, cooking classes, trekking days, music practices, and many more. We provide our user base with all the activities you would find in any English-speaking country. By following our Natural Method, the end result is people really learn the language.



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Agenda IE Venture Network, June 30th 2016

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IE Venture Day July 6th

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